Concealed carry in churches

In order to carry in the church in Michigan you need to be cleared by leadership or pastor but some churches are renting space to have a service. Does this stay with the pastor or move to the property owner for permission?


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This is a good question,

There was a recent post here about something similar, the church was renting a space at a school


I would suggest your pastor or ministry spend some quality time on this web site. This guy is a retired LEO and clearly talks about the vulnerability of soft targets like churches and schools. The police are, most likely, not going to be there in time to stop an active shooter. His church security training is FREE.



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Good question…our preacher says the more carrying the better!!!

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@Timothy328 Welcome to the community. You say you need to be cleared by leadership or paster to carry in the church, privately meet with them, get cleared, ask for some type of cleared document of permission (for church), and say no more, conceal carry quietly, no one else needs to know you carry. Be a good GREY MAN! :+1: :dotted_line_face: :wink:


Please seek legal guidance from your local law enforcement agency / an attorney licensed in Michigan.

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Don’t say anything. If you do get into a defense incident, you’d be in the best place in the world to ask forgiveness, but asking permission is dicey at best. Part of being in a church community means dealing with the gossip, and I learned long ago to trust in the Lord, in His people, not so much. :rofl: