Prank Gone Wrong: It’s Just A Matter of Time

I’m no fan of these social media attention seekers

What’s sad is, while it’s a justifiable homicide, there could be more troubles ahead for Mr. Davis.

" three teenagers approached the home of Joshua Davis , 17, on Saturday (May 21) while wearing ski-masks and carrying [toy water guns] that looked like assault rifles,

Davis was armed with a real gun and shot one of the teens, identified as Christopher Patton , 15, once in the chest after he had pointed the water gun at Davis.

Officers found two assault rifles and one real handgun inside the vehicle in which Patton, McGowan and Galloway traveled in"

So 3 teenagers, at least one of which was only 15, put on ski masks and committed, IDK, armed robbery or agg assault or assault with deadly weapon or whatever with what appeared to be real rifles…and these teenagers also had a real handgun in the car.

Lots of bad things going on here.


Yup. Posted, deleted it to re-read the article. No, not sad at all…
Where’s Brandon on this one?

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" Hearn told WAPT that Davis could face homicide charges if investigators later determine that the gun he used during the incident was stolen, used in a previous crime or obtained illegally in any other way."

is it just me, or does this sound stupid as all heck?

Hey, we know you thought these guys were going to kill you, and you had every reasonable right to reasonably believe that, but if the gun you used turns out to be have been obtained illegally now your actions are no longer justified?

Like, what?


What do you all suppose the odds are the 17 year old victim that successfully defended himself and harmed nobody other than his attacker, had received state approved training prior to this incident?

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The only explanation that makes any sense in this scenario is if the person who by all appearances justifiably defended himself somehow knew the 3 perpetrators. Maybe they didn’t like the kid and were trying to scare him or maybe they were all friends and trying to prank him?

Wouldn’t surprise me if everyone involved here were not your typical law abiding citizens.


But wouldnt’ that be whatever it is regardless of the history of the tool used?

If he knew who they were and he knew it was a prank and he knew it was unreasonable to think the guns were real and all that, having obtained the gun legally doesn’t seem like it would outweigh any of that and make it okay, so why would the reverse be true?

Just based on the little that’s in the article (realizing there is surely a lot more going on, as there always is), it would seem logical to me that if it comes up the gun was obtained illegally, etc, that should be its own charge for whatever crime that was…but if it’s self defense, it’s self defense.


Police deputy chief Hearn confirmed that the three teens are all friends with Davis prior to the incident, which was considered a “prank gone wrong.”

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Based on his shooting them, and no charges being filed, and their wearing of ski masks, it seems their identity was not known to the victim at the time.

But, regardless, I don’t understand how anything relating to whether or not the shooting was justified, can be determined by how the firearm was obtained. Two separate things, are they not?


Well it’s California

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Agree, either it was justified self defense or it wasn’t. If he defended himself with an illegally acquired gun then he is guilty of illegal possession and whatever other crimes he committed to get it.


Jackson (Mississippi), not California

Not sure what law makes this less of a justifiable homicide just because the firearm was illegally acquired.
I agree. Self defense is self defense.


My bad. I read Sacramento below the Chanel reporting.


As did I.

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Seems like they are to me.

What surprises me is that the two surviving teens aren’t in jail. Usually when someone is killed during the commission of a crime — and this was a crime, assault at very least, attempted robbery, kidnapping, who knows what they were doing — their cohorts are charged with homicide.


Its sad that a young man died but,

ya play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

if I don’t see some indicator that the 3 were carrying toy guns [orange muzzle ect] id probably end up in the same situation



I’m surprised this kind of news didn’t happen sooner. Lots of two-year old videos of people physically harming people regardless of gender or age while someone secretly took video of the prank.
Life threatening, no. But still they cause pain.
God forbid someone does it to my family.

I thought that ALL toy weapons had to have the orange barrel plug on the end and could not be removed easily,and I would have been in SD mode if that happened to me

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Tons of toys, bb, pellet, airsoft, etc, guns out there without any orange tips.

And some real guns with orange tips.

Three guy sin ski masks with what appear to be firearms treating them like firearms, yeah


Lately it seems as thought something has gone wrong with the gene pool! I’m sensing a genetic drift.
I can understand a touch of reality in the games people play but…which one of these is going to stop you from shooting.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

In a split second both muzzles look real enough when they’re in my face. I’m not calculating bore size and caliber.