Prank Gone Wrong: It’s Just A Matter of Time

I see scary pranks pulled on people at night and, I can’t believe I haven’t
See anyone shot yet.

Officers found two assault rifles and one real handgun inside the vehicle in which Patton, McGowan and Galloway traveled in.

Who said it was a prank? Doesn’t seem like a legal situation to begin with, considering ages of these kids. I’d like to know if they were known to cops from other incidents. Armed robbery with toy guns, not to get into too much trouble, is as likely as a prank, in my opinion.


I’d wager that Derreon and Jakuios will be shot and killed eventually or end up in prison.

I’m just not sure why you would rob with toy guns when you had real ones in the car. Maybe they were “smart” enough to think that getting caught with toy guns would lead to less jail time but dumb enough not to realize that having real guns in the car opened them up to the same firearm charges?

Think it is more likely everyone involved has a nefarious past but we’re just doing something really dumb this night. Or maybe the “victim” didn’t like the guys and set them up by asking them to come over and scare his girlfriend or whatever with the toy guns as an excuse for him to shoot them?? Think dumb kids doing dumb things is the more likely scenario.


Stupid games… Oh you know the rest

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Dem attorney general’s fault. No consequences. Justifiable taking of a life.

In this day and age, if people want to play games with guns, ya get what’s coming to you. Some people have no common sense. But with all games and videos around these days, some just step off and take it to far. Then again why are these kids carrying live weapons in the first place?

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Um…felony murder, right? I think more than a cite and release offense in most jurisdictions.

Without knowledge of the interpersonal dynamics/history at play here, if these acquaintances were:
• known to the defender;
• known to have carry firearms; and
• known to be irresponsible and violent;
then taking the threat deadly serious seems pretty reasonable. Maybe facts will illuminate.