13yo points Glock replica at police, shot

Teen points gun at police while trying to run from police. What can go wrong?


Unfortunately I can’t read the article or watch the video. There are so many adds trying to pop up at once that the webpage keeps crashing.


It’s too early to find the truth.

13 years old, Glock replica, 10.20pm? 3 factor combined together that can simply led to problems…

Just another death that could be simply avoided.


The outraged community need Sheriff Grady Judd to talk to them.


Read the comments, play thug games win stupid prizes. :roll_eyes: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

Stephen Jimes
11 hours ago

Living 5 miles from the scene, the Post is missing some context here: He was being chased because local residents reported that they had been robbed, some forcefully, by young boys around the same time and location the night before. The police stopped them to simply ask them questions and the kid took off, waved the gun at officers in pursuit, was tackled, and then shot when he didn’t drop the weapon. For reference, nothing good happens on the Utica streets at 1030 pm, especially for a 13-year old.


You answered your own question!

13 years old, after 10:00pm, ( do you know where your offspring are? ), robberies in the area, officers give chase, perp presents GUN in lowlight situation. If gun was real dead cop, ( hesitation kills ) gun fake or real dead kid. FAFO that’s truth, no ifs, ands or butts :exclamation:
There’s no need for riots or peaceful protests! Stupid kid! In addition, parents should be charged. I think pointing a gun at a police officer is aggravated assault, with intent!
The facts of life are play stupid games win the stupid prizes!
I don’t understand why we care anymore! 13 year old ( infant-try ) points a gun at me at 10:30 at night. That represents deadly bodily harm!
DEADLY FORCE IS AUTHORIZED. You question or hesitate, you’re DEAD!


IMO the kid wasted his life! My thoughts and prayers are with the LEO!


I did not.
Without more details, which were provided later by @BRUCE26 it was still to early to make a judgment.

Having gun replica at 10.20 pm doesn’t automatically mean you will be shot.

I’m waiting for body cams footage.

I am curious what community was this kid part of. Whats the deal with the Burmese Army?

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We all need to stop giving the police a reason to use deadly force against anyone the bottom line is STOP ESCALATING


Lack of parenting or absent fathers are the primary issue and explains a lot of why we are in the state we are in. Parenting ain’t easy. You have 18 years (a flash in time) to shape young and stupid into mature and self-disciplined. Otherwise, they will look for a leader/father-figure (think gang leaders or other miscreants). As a single parent for 4+ years, it was the most difficult job of my life, but it was worth giving up things to raise my son to be independent, level-headed, a critical thinker and with high self-discipline. He is now in his mid-30s and sincerely appreciates it.


Obviously, hovering over them and issuing trophies for showing up, is not what I call parenting!

Parenting 2.0…

The kind of stupidity seen over the past three decades, NONE of that sh$t happened when I was a kid! That paddle should be used on the parents and politicians as well!


This was the "board of education ", both at school and at home when I was growing up.


I saw two views of the police bodycam, in the heat of the situation it’s easy to have hours to analyze, the police didn’t have that luxury. This is a hard one but based on what I saw so can see how and why. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s when kids were taught respect for authority. We got swats in school, we were taught in no uncertain terms if a police officer said something you damn well did it. I grew it when if you heard from an officer “stop or I’ll shoot” you could take it to the bank he meant it. Until kids are once again taught to respect parents, teachers, Law enforcement and each other, this will happen again. And let me underline that until you are put in the exact situation, don’t pass judgment on Law Enforcement. Pass judgment on the fact we’ve let our kids down by not teaching them how to behave in a civilized society.


That’s why I asked about the community he was from, and what was the deal with the Burmese Army.
I don’t know much about foreign affairs, but you have to do something big, before they send the whole army to oppress you.


I guess I’ll state the obvious.
Doesn’t matter who, how old, what “community” pulls the trigger it can be deadly.


Andy Lopez 2.0 :man_shrugging:t4:

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I was able to get a few key words.

Nyah Mway was the kid’s name, most likely from Burma, one of the most horrible places in Asia.
That explains the Burmese Army comment. The family most likely left Burma because of political persecution.


I was thinking Tamir Rice 2.0. Police gets calls about armed agressive man in the park pointing gun at the public, patrol arrives and finds a man who points the gun at them. Community protests the outcome.


I recall Burma expelled its own Hamas-like group. I wonder if the way of Sharia and the gun continued on US shores.