Georgia homeowner fatally shoots 3 teens in masks who tried to rob him,


Happened within 10 miles of me and I hear about it here! That’s what I get for turning off the tele and having a day listening to one of my B. V. Larson (Undying Mercenaries) stories…

-( and explains why I was “off’” all day yesterday. I’m not saying I believe in the idea of psychics; rather I think that we all live within a gestalt consciousness and some people are sensitive to what happens within our communities. Sometimes I think I got the raw end of that deck because I’m often ‘aware’ of wrongness, but I’ve done nothing to train that ‘spydie’ sense other than realizing I’m usually pinged with reason. Anyway…)-

Herewith is a follow-up story with a few more facts, a bit of local neighborhood take


What can I say? The USCCA Community is the place to get all of your news, @CHRIS4 :rofl:

Glad you weren’t involved! That’s really close to you.


I read both articles and found a couple of interesting points:

Deputy Lee Thomas in a press release:

“One of the attempted robbery suspects brandished a handgun and fired shots at the residents before one of the intended robbery victims returned fire…"

The neighbor:

After checking to see if his wife was OK, Jenkins said he went to get their weapon and heard someone calling for help.

The neighbor is running for County Commissioner, but he doesn’t want to remove firearms or blame firearms for the situation:

"If we do not invest in these young people, then what we’ve seen this morning in my neighborhood can lend itself to other neighborhoods in the county, and I don’t want that. We need to repurpose some of these vacant buildings and put in some youth prevention programs so that we can infiltrate this scourge. If we can find millions of dollars to building youth detention centers, why can’t we build youth prevention centers?”

He seems to actually want to solve part of the real issue.

And the seemingly obligatory questioning of use of force:

Some residents are questioning whether deadly force was needed to stop the robbery attempt. Evangelist Renee Simpson of Bible Way Worldwide Ministries will be holding a candlelight vigil for the three teens…

MY PERSONAL OPINION HERE: If someone is shooting at me, yes, deadly force IS necessary to defend my life. By shooting at me, the attacker has basically said they don’t value my life. Their right to life is not more important or less important than my right to life. I wouldn’t be using lethal force if it wasn’t being used against me. :unamused: [putting my soapbox away now]

What are your thoughts?


Clearly this is a problem with values and respect for others in addition to a mental health issue. The home owner was forced to defend. He did not choose to defend. I don’t know anything about Georgia law but I hope he isn’t charged. My condolences to the families of the three robbers.


Video interviews tweeted by Atlanta Journal Constitution Newspaper’ Reporter

Initial Report

Neighbor’s Description of what he heard-saw-comprehension

Rockdale County Sheriff interview

The neighbor who is running for County Chairman description

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Additional information can be found here: Ar ban… 2019

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