Postal Sevice Problems

Question: Has anyone had bad service by the U.S. Postal Service?
In my state for the past year or two when I and my wife have had objects being delivered by the Postal Service the items bounce back and forth between two or three city post offices for days & days.
The Postal Service continues raising prices and I see commercials on tv from them on how there services are so great. I say B**lSh*t.

Fine tune entry; Our local delivery person is fabulous, it’s the service before the products get to our local post office. The goods bounce back and forth between other cities a few times before our package arrives at our local office.

Sample - arrived at Black City depot, departed Black City depot then arrived at White City Depot, departed White City depot then arrived at Black City depot, depart Black City depot then arrived at White City depot.

This is actually happening to us with clothing, makeup, medicine and yes, special parts for peew peew.


I’ve had pretty good luck with the USPS over the decades including with my current local office though we don’t get delivery to our door out here.

I did once live in an area for a year where the postal workers were pretty rough with the packages and many of them would be pretty banged up by the time they got to my door. But that was an exception to the good service I have had in all the other places I have lived.

I also have had pretty good luck with UPS but can’t say the same for FedEx. I’ve had several issues with my packages bouncing around, getting delayed or being delivered to the wrong location with FedEx.


It was always like that here! Until about 4 mths ago, they changed the parcel deliveries to another postal delivery person! Mail on one vehicle and packages on another!


My service manual for my truck went from Texas, to Colorado by way of Pennsylvania, where it spent 3 months bouncing back and forth between local offices.

Then with no tracking update for a week, it was at my door!

Other than that, never had a problem!


we have had 3 postal workers fired over the last 4 or 5 years. One was stealing plants out of the neighbors yard, one wasnt delivering mail except on fridays, they would go and collect the days mail from the post office and then just go home and then deliver it all on friday, and one was just straight stealing our mail. about a year ago they fired everyone in our local post office and moved all new employees in and we haven’t had another issue since.


Yes. I have/had one pkg shipped in October. Still don’t have it. About once a month I get an email from them telling me they still haven’t found it.


I had a package that was in transit, in one of their tractor trailers that went missing, the whole truck and trailer. After 2 weeks of dealing with the local postmaster I contacted the DC boss, he told me it wasn’t his job to keep track of their trucks and trailers.
Received the package after 28 days, and nobody knew where it was. :rofl:


they say that, but every single USPS transport trailer is GPS tracked. they know exactly where they are. I have had to recover a few over the years that were abandoned by their drivers. USPS mail is transported in sealed trailers that USPS owns, but all of the trucking companies that move them are contractors.



Regular daily mail in Albuquerque is now OFFICIALLY Hit or Miss.
It’s more like 2-3x’s a week now—different carriers weekly.
Our recent Mail carrier was found in a ‘pocket park’ (dog run) drunk/passed out
truck wide open and empty (lord knows what was lost)
We changed to a P.O.Box (Non USPS) it sucks but relatively safe(r)
My Guns go to my FFL (heavily tracked so boneheads like FedEx can’t steal the merch) per
I direct deposit my checks, online banking for CC’s forget USPS


USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL… all these can screw something up and we cannot predict when and how.

I personally value USPS the most. Even sometimes they give hard time, my local USPS delivery lady helps to fix all the issues.

I cannot tell this about all other Companies. What always pisses me off is lack of reliability.
Fe. You get the message “your package is scheduled for delivery tomorrow between 2 pm and 4 pm.”. Then confirmation next day morning: “your package is scheduled for delivery today between 2 pm and 4 pm.”.… then around 11 am you get a message : “sorry we missed you”:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
UPS does it almost every time.

So… USPS is really great with their job… however not perfect… (but nobody is perfect)


I’m slow with this… :joy:



I pulled a dozen guns out of a dumpster, less than half the shipment headed to an FFL.


There was a minor fire in the building, fire department sprayed the back of two trailers to make sure there wasn’t any embers that could catch the trailers on fire.

Management decided that because the original fire was started by a college kid who packed paint thinner with his laptop and clothes to move home, it was a hazmat situation. Because it was hazmat, all packages in both trailers and that got damaged on the belt were contaminated,….

So they simply backed the trailers up to a roll off and DUMPED THEM!!!

90+% of the packages weren’t even moist from water! Straight to the trash.

I’m often ashamed of how poorly they operate. And yet they post billions in profits every year! Go fig.


I’m still waiting for a package from Midway via UPS. It was supposed to be here yesterday. Then, end of day, it changed to today by 3pm. Then it changed to 7pm today. Now it changed to tomorrow by 11am. We’ll see. I’m not holding my breath. It was last scanned in Atlanta 2 days ago.


U.S.P.S lost 6.5 billion (Over 6000 millions) in 2023 alone. Just another government supported, useless entity. Long overdue to jettison this drain on our society, but the dems have learned that they can use this service to control and move illegal ballots quite effeciently.


I’ve been very lucky that in my last 3 addresses I’ve had excellent service. A lot of it is your local office or s I hear. I have many friends with horror stories of stuff stolen by their local carrier person. I had ONE incident of this and I spoke to the head of the local PO and the culprit, a woman that even looked sketchy as all hell, was GONE that week.

This last place has been good since the delivered a few hundred dollars of my cigars to the wrong house. Thank good for decent, honest neighbors.


Not to defend the Post Office, which has a reputation for an inefficient government agency – remember the UPS ads from years ago that featured a Postal Service worker with a calendar counting down his days to retirement – but the mail delivery (to include Fed Ex and UPS and now Amazon) is a miracle of logistics. We get pissed off when it takes more than a few days for a package to be delivered from a distribution center on the other side of the continent to our home for a pittance. Sure, it gets screwed up once in a while, but I’d bet that most people who complain about it would be completely lost if put in charge of the logistics that characterize any of the delivery systems we take for granted.

I ship 5-10 large usps priority boxes full of brass a month. Love my usps guy. Picks them all up at my house and never forgets to scan them. They normally get delivered within a day or two of ETA. Sometimes there are longer delays due to weather, boxes to the same destination arrives on different days, or tracking “loses” where they actually are. But so far, they haven’t lost a package.

On the other hand, I get UPS and FedEx packages saying they’re delivered, but are not at my house. I normally pay insurance on big ticket stuff I order and let the seller deal with it.



Yes. Jacksonville.