Yet Another Information Scam?

Just a warning here - I’ve recently been getting emails about a supposed package waiting delivery to me. I strongly suggest that you unsubscribe from these messages, or delete them ASAP. When you place an order online, you should always receive order and shipping notices that same day. Don’t get careless! FYI


Big red flag is if they address you by your email address. When you order something, you’ve put your name and other info. out there, and real orders coming from/via Home Depot, Fed-EX, UPS etc. will use the name you put on your order, at least in my experience.
Another big scam lately is supposedly from Microsoft, and their “account team” noted suspicious activity and needs you to “click here”…
It’s often possible to check the validity of a sender by checking the purported senders real address…e.g…got my 10th “camp lejuene lawsuit rewards” e-mail of th eday, supposedly from the VA…clicking on the “VA AdmInisTRatioN” header, I see this time it’s sending this waste of bandwidth.



Almost all of these scams are pretty easy to spot if you look.

Don’t be in condition white with your information or links you click, it’s no safer than pulling up to a dark gas station at 4AM traveling in a strange area and just getting out and walking into the retail area to stand with your back to the door for 5 minutes reading soda labels and ignoring everything and everyone


I also get a ton of them and delete them,using the spam don’t work so i just delete them don’t even open them,get a lot with package with FedEx same thing just delete



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All these emails are sent out because it’s “Christmas Spam Hunting Season”! SPAMTA CLAUSE wants to deliver your gifts! :santa:


I had to change all of my Credit Cards recently as the scammer actually worked at the place I had contacted (Warranty Issue). Was an issue with my laptop. So I knew they would need to access my laptop (phone number came from the warranty card. But when the scammer connected to my laptop. He went straight to Amazon and tried to buy a gift card. Soon as I saw him click Amazon. I pulled the plug on my modem and did a hard reset on my laptop. I called Microsoft and told them that they had a scammer. Called the police as well.


The one situation that bugs me is that some of these bloodsuckers don’t go for a big grab, but are smart and content to chip away at hundreds of accounts at a time, and you won’t see the theft until you get your statement - by that time, they’re preying on others. I’ve switched long ago from a bank to a credit union - in this case Diamond. Credit unions have long offered more and better services than banks - especially for loans on big-ticket items - and tailor their services for small depositors. I deal with mine for routine transactions over the phone, and they’ll notify me if any unusual situation occurs. FYI

I use credit cards and I get a notification immediately as an SMS to my phone, as well as an email, for every charge of $1 or more

These days, waiting for a paper statement to review your charges is, IMO, a mistake


Scammers (both the e-mail and telephone variety) rarely get prosecuted, so from their perspective, this is an instance where crime actually does pay. It is virtually costless to send out millions of e-mails or plug in a robocaller, and even a few suckers who bite make for a lucrative business.