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I relegate to have all my EDC items in my gym bag.

I just have them in a cubby not even locked up as the gym I go to is Anytime Fitness and they are not that large. I know most of the folks in there at any one time, at least by sight. They also have a pretty extensive surveillance system as the door is always locked and you have to swipe to get in.

Now for the mega gyms with pools and such, yep, you’ll just have to locker your EDC items. You really don’t have a choice. Even a cheap locker with your paddle lock should be fine, no one is going to start crowbaring open lockers at the gym.

When you’re swimming, get like a piece of tubing, about an inch in diameter, glue gun some decor to it like it’s a river reed or cattail , with some leaves on top and use it as a breathing tube. Go under water like Gilligan’s Island to hide if there is an active shooter. :slight_smile:


I’m not a huge fan of large gyms. We used to go to the YMCA by us with the kids when they were little. I felt like a sitting duck.

IF you’re going to take your firearm into the gym with you and leave it in a locker, I’d suggest getting one of the little gun safes (there’s a thread in the Community about them: Gun safe in your car?)

I do not advocate leaving your firearm unattended in a crowded environment. Work out at home?


What is this “gym” you speak of?


I actually had a gym membership that prohibited weapons. I currently do t have one because I usually work out unconventionally at home (though work wears me out and it doesn’t always happen.

I also agree with you, gyms are targets for attacks. I’ve heard stories. I even worked at a rev center wear a man got angry and went to his vehicle to get his gun.

That being said, I actually don’t think anyone should carry at a gym. It’s going to get in the way, you may use all kinds of different machines. It could effect good form. I hate unlocked cubbies. You will be limited with how you can carry.

I wouldn’t bring a gun into the gym. If that’s not a favored option, spend some cash on home workout stuff. You can start small, and work up.


Hey P365, fantastic post, thanks for asking this question.

I go to a large gym 3-4 days a week. I also carry every day, everywhere. That being said, I do not bring my firearm into the gym, period. Even with metal locking lockers, I don’t consider them to be secure enough. Plus, when in the process of getting into gym clothes, the entire locker room can see you placing your weapon into the locker. My firearm remains secure in my car.

That being said, several LEO’s also go to this gym. They regularly lock their service weapons in the locker. I’m just not comfortable doing so.

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Hey P, they are prohibited in my current gym, but not my former gym, which welcomed them. A fun side story, my former gym actually hosted the concealed-carry class that’s required to get a permit in NC. That’s where I did it.

In each case, my decision not to carry into the gym was based on my belief the lockers aren’t secure enough. I love your point about a gym membership. I would never sacrifice my safety just to go to a gym.

I got one of these a few years back for trips to the community pool. To be honest, though, I never tested it - I think I’ve only been to the pool once in the last few years and opted to not carry. Provided you have someplace near the pool you can attach it, I would imagine you’d be good. Put your weapon in before you get out of the car, and let people see you slip your phone, keys, and wallet in it every once in a while, and they’ll assume you’re just being cautious and never guess what else is in there.

Nope. Not a national chain. A local place opened by folks who think right!

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Our YMCA put up the 30.06pc sign officially banning LTC weapons in their establishing.

They always had CNN on their TV’s . I canceled that month and went to our independently owned local anytime fitness. The door is locked with a fob swipe, and Foxnews is on all the public TV’s .

Lots of LE in attendance as well.

I belong to the YMCA and cannot carry as it is posted No Firearms