Sketchy situation looking for carry suggestions

So I belong to anytime fitness and they use key fobs on they’re doors, no key fob no entry. I was there tonight alone with my wife and 2 guys had waved me over to the front door. I cracked it open and they asked me to let them in cause they had forgotten their card. I said no and then a 3rd guy who I hadn’t seen cause he was leaning against the wall away from the doors popped out and they all got an attitude. They bitched and moaned saying now they needed to go get their key. I was there for about an hour and they never showed back up. Could be nothing but I left a message for the gym operator with the time and situation.

Now with all that being said, I don’t carry in the gym cause it’s to cumbersome to keep on me while I’m working out. It’s a S&W 9mm M2.0 and holds 15+1. I do carry mace on me but 3 on 1 isn’t an ideal situation. I’m looking for a good pocket pistol. What do you guys suggest? I’m thinking something around 6rds +/- but I’m not sure what would have been good if that situation had gone for the worst. What caliber is good and how many rds would be good for a pocket pistol. I’m gonna do some research with y’all’s suggestions so if you could give more than 1 that be awesome.


I had a membership there, a GREAT gym… I’ve been to one in every city I visit.

You did very well not opening the door. Great OPSEC!

When I went to the gym (now to busy burning tons of cals, core, aerobics on the ranch) I carried my regular EDC in my gym bag. There is NO WAY I was going to walk from the gym door to my car, day or night, without protection.

If there was no one in the gym with me I just put the bag in a cubby, at my home gym where I knew everyone. If there were a lot of folks I didn’t know, or at an out of town gym, I’d pop it in a locker with a padlock.

Stick with your EDC, that is what you’ve trained with.


I agree with @Fizbin, stick with your EDC. In that situation a pocket pistol would have given you less capacity against 3 possible attackers. During the colder weather I carry a pocket pistol as a backup gun, Ruger LCP II 380.


Agree that you should stick with your EDC since that’s what you are most familiar with.

FWIW I probably would not even have cracked the door open. Even the 2 guys visible might have been able to push their way in.


I agree with everyone suggesting sticking with your EDC but you don’t have to have only 1 EDC. There are plenty of micro .380s or 9mm that would work in a pocket or even a small .38 revolver. What ever you decide, train with it like you do your current EDC.


Is it possible to ankle holster any micro .380/9mm under a set of sweats counterbalanced by weights on the other leg?
Or since it was three against two a 9 and a .380 on the ankles?
Maybe I’ve been watching to many old movies but aren’t thigh and breast carry options available for both ladies and men?
This is probably a good reason why I’m obese, no gym, plenty of carry options! :hamburger::fries::cake::cupcake::doughnut::cookie::icecream:


Yet, to leave it in a gym bag or in your locker, is not beneficial.


Having options is good. More than one EDC…

In a gym, it serves no purpose to put a firearm IN a gym bag, where it is not easily accessible to you and it might be to others, nor putting it in a locker.
A small .22LR or .22WMR (such as a NAA mini revolver), or a .32 or .380 might be options as a backup firearm, or use on days when you need a smaller lighter weight firearm to meet requirements of where you are, your attire, activities and event.

But, whatever you carry, however many firearms you carry, train with them.


I agree! I’ve defused many a conflict by threating to sit on them if they didn’t leave my fat ass alone. However, there’s been a few that then quit playing with my ass and got in my face (eww). I warn them they’ll not only get sat on, but will get a bubba-bounce or two, too. As Weird Al once said:
“Your butt is wide, well mine is too
Just watch your mouth or I’ll sit on you”


Well, I will input my .22LR cents worth…

In a gym, if your EDC is too large to carry on body, putting it in a gym bag might NOT be a good idea. It is not easily accessible to you, but it might be to others, and putting it in a locker puts it out of your reach if needed.

A small backup firearm (or one to carry when you need small and lightweight for the activity, location, attire, and event) would perhaps work well.

A good .22LR or .22WMR (such as a NAA mini revolver), and while a .22 is not the best, it is a viable defense rd, and might allow you to move to obtain your main or primary defensive firearm from the locker) or a .32 ACP or .380.

Some .22s and .32, and .380s weigh less than 15 oz and are small enough to put in a pocket (disclosure, not a fan of pocket carry), or a small IWB holster or an ankle holster with something covering them if the gym does not like open carry.

Might be an option to consider.


Do not get caught up in what caliber. The simple act of producing a firearm, no matter the caliber, is usually enough to cause the perpetrator to leave. I heave never hears of a criminal looking at the barrel and deciding, yea, I can take a hit from that. :rofl:

Yes, there are those that it will not deter ( no matter the caliber ), but if we all went about armed for the worst case scenario then we would all be carrying arsenals.


I live in a warm climate so I am almost always in basketball shorts. My gym bag usually follows me around the gym anyway for that would be the most reasonable off body carry. Ankle holster in gym shorts won’t work. So pocket carry would be my personal best option. Now a days pointing a firearm at someone doesn’t seem to do the trick. Every bad guy seems to have balls of steel till they get actually shot.

I’m done thinking a 380 would be the smallest caliber I go with. Keep my primary edc (s&w 9mm) in my gym bag, which doesn’t go in a cubby or locker but goes to different stations with me. And a small 380 in my pocket. I think that would be my best option and even my wife supports it which says a lot since I have to buy a 380.

Thank you guys I’m gonna do some research on 380 and pocket holsters


I carry a Glock 43 all the time and train with it. Small, simple, easy to conceal, deadly. And very light imo.


Taurus 738 and Taurus Spectrum are both under 12 oz, and small enough to conceal easily.

Both are affordable.

There are others that are good at MUCH higher price points, but, a reliable firearm does not need to cost an arm or a leg.


That’s correct all they need is to be reliable with good sd ammo. & as stated practice…


Why open the door for them at all? In today’s age, we all have cell phones to call in case of emergency and they knew they had to have their FOB.

Does Anytime Fitness have employees there at certain times and not others? Gym equipment is pretty hard to steal, why else would they have wanted to break in? :thinking:


I wouldn’t have opened the door at all but good for you for sticking to your guns and not letting them in. I switch from a clip-on AIWB to a belly band AIWB When at the gym or while wearing gym shorts or sweat pants. I bought a few inexpensive belly bands from Amazon and they just go in the wash if I get the sweaty.


Staffed hours are usually Mon-Sat 10-6. And I wasn’t worried about them stealing anything so much as hurting my wife or myself.


A Glock 43 9mm works for me. 7 rounds with a +1 magazine and single stack so it is thin. I’m looking for a middle of the back holster for it and determining if I should carry there grip up or grip down.


Yeah, preventing the harming of you or a family member is paramount. The stealing part, not so much, insurance and all being a thing, but your life and that of your family is a major consideration. Well done.