Poor delivery service

Before I became involved with guns and self-defense I was involved with model railroading. I brought many items thru eBay and the sellers generally packed the items very well. The worst case was that the USPC delivered a $500.00 locomotive and left it on my doorstep in the rain, thank God it was not damaged. I buy ammo on line and many time times that outside package was damaged and sometimes even the ammo boxes were damaged. The worst case was when 1,000 rounds of 9mm was delivered apparently UPS had to put the order in a new box and three boxes of ammo were missing. Bulk Ammo sent me three replacement boxes with no hassle. The latest was that I had to send my mini revolver back to North American Arms for warranty repairs. Two weeks later on a Wednesday I received a email that it be at my house on Saturday and someone with a ID would have to sign for it. It came on Friday, the doorbell rang, and the FedEx was back in his truck before I could make it to the door (so someone could have had a free gun). My local range has had last year four guns lost using the USPC , needless to say they are not using them anymore. Any more sob stories out there?

I want to say it was tax season a year or two ago. I was expecting a certified letter signature required. I and EVERYONE else was home that particular day, there were 5 cars in the drive way. I was sitting at the dining room table when the the mail man showed up. Stop at the box throw a bunch of stuff in and drive off. I get up go down to the mail box and there is the infamous “Sorry we missed you” card. I got HOT!

I jumped in my truck and went up the street to the other side of the loop that I live on and parked so that I blocked the street and walked back to the house and pulled my OTHER truck out and blocked the street and went in the house waited. About 15 minutes later I hear the mail truck reversing and driving back around the loop. He gets to my house and stops and starts beeping the horn, he can’t go anywhere else, and I let him stew for about 10 minutes before I came out.

“Why is your truck blocking the street?”

Why do I have a “Sorry we missed you” card in my mail box when your a$$ never got out of the mail truck. You know doggone (or words to that effect) well that SOMEBODY was home but you are going to make me drive 10 miles to a post office that won’t get the a time sensitive letter for three days when you could have just rung the door bell.

Funny to say we’ve never had that problem again.




When I was a PI, I videotaped a couple Buster Brown drivers and a USPS contract driver doing this to attorney with offices on the 3rd floor of a rehabbed brownstone in an urban revitalization district. Laziness. They didn’t want to climb the stairs to deliver signature required parcels. Screw that! It’s in their job description when they applied for the $50-80k a year job with benefits. Theft of service, plain and simple. And those 3 were fired for cause after brief “investigations” (ie watching my date/time stamped videos and checking the driver logs in which they LIED about the attempted contact).

On December 3, 2019, I sent out Christmas cards to current and formed clients. On January 22, 2021, 416 days later, I received one of those cards back as undeliverable.


I never did report the guy he’s been our mail carrier since we moved in and I probably cost him 20 minutes of his route time. I really didn’t want to piss him off knowing he would only get a reprimand. After about a month he pulled up as I was getting out and thanked me for not reporting him. Ive had great service ever since and he has gone the extra mile on occasion to bring packages to the door that he could have left under the mail box. Something about honey vs vinegar.

@MikeBKY my wife got a letter I mailed from my second Gulf War deployment some time in 92/3 while I was deployed to Africa in 96’. Needless to say she was exceedingly confused as to what I was talking about since it was 3 years out of date. Dunno if that was the Navy post office or the regular post office.



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When sig required express parcels going to attorneys don’t get delivered, such delays can send people to prison, allow an execution or asset seizure to happen which shouldn’t have, bench warrants to be issued, and plenty of other real harm to clients. This was the case when I was asked to set up vid surveillance to prove they were falsifying logs. Esp for the USPS contractor, this was a big problem.