Poll: Should our military finally be allowed to concealed carry on bases?

“When the first shots rang out, my hand reached to my belt for something that wasn’t there, something that could have put a stop to the bloodshed,” wrote 1st Lt. Patrick Cook, who survived the most recent Fort Hood attack.

It may come as a surprise to many, but the vast majority of our service members are not allowed to carry firearms on bases. In fact, even owning a firearm on a military base is highly restricted.

But after multiple attacks on unarmed service members here at home, many are questioning those policies.

Should our military finally be allowed to concealed carry on bases?

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In my opinion, why conceal carry? Just open carry a firearm like they would when in combat. Everyone is in uniform anyway.


Yes, our military should be allowed to carry on bases and that must includes Veterans who have base access as well. But why conceal? Conceal or open should be the choice of them that carry.


I begin by saying that this is my opinion. I believe a number of factors have driven the DOD policy of prohibiting troops in CONUS from carrying firearms on post/base. Historically, particularly since the civil war, congress passed the posse comitatus act to prohibit the land forces from enforcing civil law. Over time, a military member in CONUS under arms, particularly off post/base, was viewed as repugnant to the civil populace if not down right scary. More with dealing with individual 18-20 year old troops, the same reason that a range officer has these kids jump up and down to hear if one or more have any live ammo on board before leaving the controlled environment of the firing line, Post/Base and unit commanders are inclined to be very conservative relative weapons and live ammo moving about the area of operation/responsibility. They subscribe to the enema approach to management. That is, snuffy gets constipated, screws up to the level of having a memo named after him/her, and all “get the enema.”

Another reason is the historic arrogance of commanders who believe that no one would dare mount any kind of attack on their units in the U.S. It simply just can’t happen here.

Things have changed. Police officers challenged openly in the street. Bad guys routinely carrying firearms. Look at Jersey City this week.

With the increase in availability of concealed weapons permits for the civilian populace in many states, the idea of permitting service members to carry personal weapons on post/base has been floated at least at the local level. Getting service wide or DOD wide consensus on implementing such a policy is not an easy task. General Officers who may have CID/AFOSI/NCIS/CGIS/Marine Corps CID armed personal protection, many times forget whence they came. The idea of CYA is very much alive at the atmospheric levels of the upper levels of management. Back to the enema approach. They sometimes think in the worst terms. Lance Corporal Bubba got drunk in quarters, pulled out his/her personal Beretta 92F, started seeing giant spiders, and went to work. The commander’s answer is don’t let Bubba or his ilk have the weapon on base.

As a now admitted scofflaw, I was assigned to the 2nd AD G-2 staff at Ft. Hood circa '73-'75. I used to pair up with an NCO from the Division Provost Marshal to conduct penetration inspections on post on weekends in civilian clothes. We would BS our way past unit CQ’s and unit motor pool guards, who by the way were armed with ax handles after too many unloaded M-16’s had been taken by force or intimidation! During those inspections I carried a personal Walther PPK/S. No, I did not ask permission. One does not ask a question to which he/she knows the answer and then go against it. One simply asks forgiveness should something untoward happen. Not an endorsement, simply the way it was.

At any rate, these many years later, I support a change to policy to permit members to carry personal weapons in garrison. I could live with a compromise like granting permission to officers, warrants, and NCO’s. At least there would be a sizeable contingent of personnel with the ability to respond to a hostile threat. That’s my 2 cents. And so it goes…


I believe that they should open carry when in uniform and be allowed to concealed carry when not in uniform.


Not something I’m voting on. The military has its SOPs in place based on how the system needs to operate.


No, service members should be REQUIRED to carry. Both cocked and locked. The military should ensure that ALL members are competent to do so. The weapon should be a PART OF THE UNIFORM and expected to be worn when in uniform. This should be legal on or off base in any location whatever by Federal Law including gun safe zones, federal/State/local government properties, and private properties open to the public


Yes 100% they should be allowed protect themselves and their coworkers. I believe they should be allowed to open carry when in uniform and conceal carry when not in uniform. We see police officers open carrying, so why should we think or feel any differently about our military carrying? In fact to me it seems quite odd that they are NOT armed in my opinion.
God Bless America🇺🇸
God Bless our President :pray:t3:


I do think they should be able to!! You just never know when the time will arise, and I would be the first one to be glad they did!!


The only reason I have for concealed carry is why make these brave people more of a target than they already are? Let them conceal carry on base to give them the advantage we civilians have. I’m sure someone who is planning an attack will not be carrying openly.


I served for 25 years with my MOS and duties I carried 99% of the time. If we can’t trust our military to carry open or concealed then we have already lost this country. SO YES OUR MILITARY SHOULD BE ABLE TO, PLUS IT SHOULD BE MANDATORY!


Imagine how many lives would have been saved had our military men and women were carrying on base in the past 20 years.


Of all the people, we are the most (combat arms) trained, so why not. If lives can be saved then do it.


It’s crazy to think these folks go out put their lives on the line standing watch for our security, but are not allowed to protect themselves.


I believe all military should be authorized to carry on or off post, open or concealed their choice. If they are in uniform off post , I would rather they open carry.


Open carry in uniform, concealed carry when in civilian attire.


Steven, I totally agree, when we were overseas on the bases we always open carry and we had to have a weapon (gun) with us everywhere we went. And guess what, we didn’t shoot each other.


They are defending our country they should be carring all the time that way some body decides they want to dhoot up a milatry base they can stop yhe threat


Why is this even a discussion? Of course they should. Any action taken by them would be of their own free will. They would be hailed as heroes but…BUT if they are allowed then attacks would be pretty much non-existent.
There’s also no worries of posse comitatus act violations, as each person would make their own choice as to whether or not they wanted to carry or even whether or not they would act in a given situation.
That was the long explanation, what I really wanted to say is…Duh!

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