Police arrest "serial cop impersonator"

Police arrest “serial cop impersonator” who spent TWO DECADES stopping motorists across multiple states in order to scam them.

This POS has been doing this for more than two decades now.

Imagine getting stopped while legally carrying, how would you have reacted if you sensed something’s off about this MF’er?


“…felon in possession of body armor”?
Really? I’ve never heard of that on. I’m going to have to look and see if that’s illegal in Utah.


…for a felon


Call 911

Unless the car is obviously marked, lit up with the proper color lights for the area, identifiable agency that has jurisdiction there on the patches, etc…like if you think and look there are signs it seems.

Just call 911 and tell them where you are and what you are being stopped and aren’t sure if it’s legit. If any doubt or anything is off.

If it’s not easy to call hands free/one button push on the steering wheel while in your car, make it so. I could just tell my watch to call 911 as well, hands on the steering wheel


also, go right to the police dept. Make it known to the police that you are on your way into the police dept. Tell the police that you are being harassed by someone who is impersonating the police. I do not have to stop for any officer who is not an officer.
Also if they are here to pick you up. Most likely they are here to pick up a person who identified as you. That is hard to explain. A serial cop impersonator is not too hard to get past if the serial cop impersonator is willing to go to the police station. If not, “then proceed with the police”. I have dodged a police car, police officer, police, and a 43-minute question of what to do about this one. I accidentally tried to avoid the real police by mistake because of a serial cop impersonator.


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#77 is direct emergency line to state police for cellular devices


huh, i never realised that was virginia specific. i guess 1 or 2 others use them as well, i guess most of the country uses *55

State-by-state Cellphone Highway Emergency Assistance Numbers (ou.edu)


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