18 YO Impersonating Police

An 18-year-old Michigan man was busted this week for allegedly impersonating a police officer. He might have pulled it off had he not pulled over a real cop.

Christian Katan Mansoor of Macomb Township was darting around in a silver BMW with flashing red and blue lights Monday night, said the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.
Around 11 p.m., Mansoor allegedly pulled up behind an off-duty Waterford Township police officer in Rochester Hills, Michigan. According to the officer, the impersonator did so in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop.
The off-duty officer gave chase. When she caught up with the driver of the BMW, she confronted him, revealing herself to be a police officer. After establishing her credentials, she requested that Mansoor follow suit.

According to officials, Mansoor claimed to be a Detroit police officer with the 12th Precinct. When pressed for proof, the 18-year-old said he needed to get it from his car. He returned to his car, but evidently had no intention of returning with his ID.

The OCSO indicated Mansoor did not ultimately go through with the stop, but instead passed the off-duty officer, thereby stoking her suspicions.

Mansoor reportedly drove away. Once again, the off-duty officer followed him, this time to a trailer park in Shelby Township.

Although the Waterford Township officer lost the suspect in the trailer park, deputies were later able to track him down, catching Mansoor as he swapped licenses plates from one BMW to another.

Mansoor reportedly tried to evade officers, but was captured after a short foot chase.
He was charged with a misdemeanor, arraigned in 52-3 District Court, then released on a $5,000 personal bond.

Sheriff Michael Bouchard said, “Individuals that pose as police officers present a threat to the public and undermine legitimate law enforcement. Thankfully, this individual was caught and is being held accountable for the incident.”

Bouchard intimated that this may not have been the first time Mansoor impersonated an officer, asking for locals to contact his office if they were involved in similar incidents.


Another “cop” wannabe or practicing criminal. :thinking:


I recently started watching you tube videos and i keep seeing at a unbelievable rate videos of fake cops pulling people over and even worse a good amount are of these idiots pulling over real cops. Its usually off duty cops but its unbelievable how often these people do this crap.


It was recommended to me, by an actual officer, that if I suspected the person trying to pull me was not in fact a cop, to slow down, stick my hand out the window to acknowledge their presence, and drive safely and slowly to a very public place (ideally a polocr station).


I’d also call 911 and ask if the vehicle following me was a real LEO. And maybe put my emergency flashers on instead of sticking my hand out the window which could be mistaken for pointing something or throwing something out the window. It would be hard to tell at night if it was a real LEO vehicle and with more unmarked police vehicles being used on the highway you can’t be sure during the day either.

Hopefully this guy gets actual jail time. They should also be charging him with a bunch of other crimes along the lines of attempted illegal detention or something similar. This is a very dangerous situation even if he wasn’t planning on robbing and/or harming the people he pulls over. It makes it so the public will be unwilling to stop for the real LEOs and if they do stop they need to be ready to react quickly if it turns to be a criminal instead of an LEO. This makes an already tense situation much more tense for civilians and LEOs.


The story does not mention anything of the impersonator having a firearm. I wonder if he had one and dumped it while running. This situation could have gone bad if the person he pulled over was not an off duty LEO. An obduction, a robbery, etc.


Will someone give this genius a certificate.



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I’ve trained both my wife and daughter to turn on their emergency flashers and to drive slowly to a high traffic area, preferably a police department, if someone in an unmarked car attempts to pull them over.

To the linked story, I’ve never seen a luxury import used as an actual undercover pursuit vehicle. I’ve seen a couple of super car types like a Lamborghini used. But not a regular luxury import like a Mercedes or a BMW. Doesn’t mean somewhere in the U.S.A it hasn’t been done. Just means that I,personally, would have found it to be suspicious.