r/PublicFreakout - Cop Flips Out On Guy During Traffic Stop


Is that video hosted somewhere other than reddit by chance where I could view it?


“Don’t talk to the police” comes to mind.

I think every criminal defense lawyer in the country would advise against speaking without your attorney present.

That alone would have gone a long ways here, I think.


Short guy complex or like my wife says small penis complex😃

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That “perp” was right. Kind of ironic seeing him get pushed against the “to protect and serve” logo. That being said, the less said, the better.
…and now, a joke.

A policeman flags down a driver. After pulling him over, the policeman approached the driver’s door.

“Is there a problem, Officer?”

The policeman says, “Sir, you were speeding. Can I see your license please?”

The driver responds, “I’d give it to you but I don’t have one.”

“You don’t have one?”

The man responds, “I lost it four times for drunk driving.”

The policeman is shocked. “I see. Can I see your vehicle registration papers please?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that.”

The policeman says, “Why not?”

“I stole this car.”

The officer says, “Stole it?”

The man says, “Yes, and I killed the owner.”

At this point the officer is getting irate. “You what?”

“She’s in the trunk if you want to see.”

The Officer looks at the man and slowly backs away to his car and calls for back up. Within minutes, five police cars show up, surrounding the car. A senior officer slowly approaches the car, clasping his half-drawn gun.

The senior officer says, “Sir, could you step out of your vehicle please!”

The man steps out of his vehicle. “Is there a problem, sir?”

“One of my officers told me that you have stolen this car and murdered the owner.”

“Murdered the owner?”

The officer responds, “Yes, could you please open the trunk of your car please?”

The man opens the trunk, revealing nothing but an empty trunk.

The officer says, “Is this your car sir?”

The man says, “Yes” and hands over the registration papers.

The officer, understandably, is quite stunned. “One of my officers claims that you do not have a driving license.”

The man digs in his pocket revealing a wallet and hands it to the officer. The officer opens the wallet and examines the license. He looks quite puzzled. “Thank you, sir. One of my officers told me you didn’t have a license, stole this car, and murdered the owner.”

The man replies, “I bet you the lying bastard told you I was speeding, too!”


Hard to argue for or against with that video. The driver apparently started by being argumentative. The man must have said something (not heard on the video) for the officer to initially react the way he did. The man continued being disrespectful even after being cuffed. The situation would not have disescalated if the operator and passenger were not being argumentative and disrespectful. This is just proof that is not a rational way to act in an encounter with the police. As @Nathan57 stated, “don’t talk to police”. I will further that with be respectful - treat others as you would like to be treated, regardless of whether or not they are law enforcement.


I turned the audio up and listened carefully, I do believe the man said exactly what the officer quoted, “you are the reason cops get hurt” which is quite frankly an incredibly stupid thing to say to a cop on a traffic stop after you were already detained and talking back and in that situation.

Whether or not that constitutes threatening the officer’s life…I don’t know about that but it’s not a big jump to see how it was taken in a very bad way.

That simply should not have been said, and I would opine that the guy brought this “flip out” entirely upon himself

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I meant what did he say before he was first requested to get out of the car. Yes, I heard his statement before the second time he got cuffed. Extremely stupid comment to make, especially after the rest of the events that had just occurred. Shut-up and go away. Mouth-off, get arrested. A friend of mine did that, too, once. Similar result as this encounter. He was cuffed, firmly spoken to, and released after he apologized for being disrespectful.

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I have no responsibility to personally “Respect” a cop. I choose to but I don’t have to. My responsibility is to do what he says not give him a wet sloppy kiss and worship the ground he walks on.

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This is true.

But also, in this case, neither one of them did what he said…many times

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No wet, sloppy kiss needed, just do what is requested without a verbal backlash. As this, and numerous other incidents show, talking back in a disrespectful manner does not win.


I cannot understand why people mouth off at an officer during a traffic stop. You are in indian country there and the indians have everything backing the up. If you are polite and courteous to the cop you may not get a ticket. If you mouth off, you must certainly will get a ticket and perhaps a visit to meet some new friends until you can post bail.

I have been driving 70 years and have been stopped numerous times in those 70 years. In all that time I have only met two cops who were less than professional. The one cop wrote me a ticket for speeding and I had just passed him and was watching my speedo like a hawk watching a mouse. I knew the ticket was bogus but standing by the side of the road in the dark is not the time to get into an argument with a guy who appears to be trying to get you to do something stupid.

The time to discuss the situation is in court. — and yes, I won the case. I offered to buy him a cup of coffee after the judge threw it out but he was still a dick.

I don’t know what was wrong with the other guy. He was shaking like a leaf and I was truly afraid that he might pull his gun on my. I remained calm and he calmed down. Maybe it was his first traffic stop but he was scary. He accused me of going 85 miles an hour but admitted he stopped me for blowing a red light. I knew he was going to stop me when I saw him on my right in the cross traffic. I did blow the red light but I wasn’t going to tell him that and I told him that I had been following the speed limit which was 55 mph on that road.

I got stopped on time on CA 138 about 0300. I watched very carefully to make sure the car had a CHP shield on the door when the driver opened it. I remarked to the Chippy when he approached my car that I had done so and if there hadn’t been a seal on the door I was going to take off for the Lancaster LASO substation. I said, “That’s how Caryl Chessman got in all that trouble, late at night on a dark lonely road with a red light.” He looked a little startled but said “Well, I clocked you at 67 mph and wanted to warn you to hold your speed down.” I told him “Thank you for warning me. I’ll be more careful.” I think he was probably looking for a little something to do. I was going 65 when I saw the lights in my rear view mirror. That was back in the days when one could get a ticket for doing 67 in a 65 zone. Now you might get a warning that you are impeding traffic only going 67.

The guy in the video was actually lucky he didn’t get hauled in for resisting arrest. The charges might be dropped before trial but he still would have an arrest on his record and he still had to meet some interesting new people AND he definitely was delayed in getting where he was going. No ned for wet sloppy kisses, just plain civility will do and speak as little as possible. And always, always, tell the cop you don’t know why he stopped you. That is a trick question to get you to admit to another violation. You can’t possibly know why he stopped you unless you can read his mind.


Thanks for the real world experience.

I will say I agree. But also, on the flip side, when younger and in an extraordinarily obvious vehicle let’s call it, quite a few times I admitted to what I was doing that was clearly the reason I was pulled over, and did not receive a ticket. So it does happen. But I I still think and recommend exactly what you said, in short “less is more” when interacting with (talking as little as possible) LE