Plexiglass Barriers

I know that many of you have figured this out by now, but if you’re like me, tend to be a home body, and since the pandemic have opted to have groceries and other items delivered to your home instead of going out and risk contraction of the virus, then you may not have realized this.

Quite honestly, I just observed this today because of the aforementioned reason.

I delivered lunch to my wife at work today. She works in retail at the local auto parts store. I noticed the plexiglass barriers that they have set up around all of the registers, and while I was waiting for her coworker to bring her up front, I also noticed that these barriers, which make it a pain in the butt to make any purchases, serve as an excellent reflective surface to watch what is going on behind you while you are waiting to pay for your items, or while you are paying.

Like I said before, I know I’m late to the party on this, but I also haven’t seen any posts or discussions about it either, so I figured I would just drop this line and maybe make someone aware of it who might not have been.

Stay safe and keep an eye on your six everyone :slight_smile:


Way to find that silver lining and use all your resources to keep up your awareness…nice!


Lots of reflective surfaces everywhere. It’s good to keep an eye out for them. Computer/tv screens, retail windows, stainless steel, car mirrors/doors/windows, etc.


Good observation. As mentioned, there are lots of reflective surfaces if we just train ourselves to look for them. Don’t forget to eyeball shadows creeping up from behind, too.


Still not sure how this prevents the risk of contracting the virus. The person delivering it to you still has to pick it up (with no gloves on), probably takes off their mask when they’re loading into their vehicle cuz they’re not in the store. Now they’re in their unsanitized vehicle hauling your stuff down the road.

One of the big deals that the government made about this virus was the fact that it had a long lifespan on surfaces.

@Shadow2f5 I’m not trying to make fun of you or anything like that. I just wanted you to understand it doesn’t matter if you have your groceries delivered or not. You’re still being exposed to it.

I transport train Crews over my five-state area. When we were in the middle of this. I was wearing masks, wearing gloves, had a plastic, see through wall between my customers and me, I sprayed down everything when they got out before the next people got in. One of my engineers had the virus without knowing and I contracted it.

This virus is microscopic. You’re not going to stop it with a mask or gloves or a plastic shield. People need to stop being so afraid of a flu-like virus. Because that’s all it is.


A great observation!

But one better, I tell all of my students when standing in line, stand 90 degrees to everyone else. You’ll see what’s going on behind you and can live in the yellow a lot better.


No offense taken. I just don’t like people in general. The virus just gave me the perfect excuse to interact with them less :smiley:


It is the same as using a chain link fence to keep mosquitoes out of your house


That’s how my wife is. I call her a Hobbit. She hates going out and interacting with people. even she is tired of all the BS about the masks.

My son has missed half of his senior year because of this BS covid. They canceled his marching band season. They got fourth in the state last year and really had a good show going this year. Could have won State they’re talking about not allowing the track season to happen. My son throws shot put and discus. Because of covid he might miss his senior year of track. They’ve been on virtual learning for half the school year. In fact they’re on it right now.

I didn’t graduate high school, and like me I know some people don’t get it. But your senior year supposed to be here big year. It’s the last of everything so it’s supposed to be your best year for school and he’s missing out. Poor kid loves School and he’s literally depressed over missing his senior year.

Anyways I’m starting to ramble.

@Shadow2f5, my wife said she agrees with you. She said " :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: people". Lol.

For real though, I think even the people that take the mask thing seriously is even getting sick of it.


99% of these mandates have nothing to do with stopping virus transmission. It’s all about giving the appearance of taking action, even if that action is completely ineffective.

It’s very similar to gun control. When some notorious shooting happens, people get scared and want to DO SOMETHING. It doesn’t matter if what they do has any impact on the problem. They feel better for having done something about the problem and can go back to living their lives and not worry about it anymore.


Though I did graduate high school, I was not allowed to walk with my graduating class for another BS reason. Nothing related to Covid of course because this was back in 2001. But in my opinion it was a worse excuse. And of course my mother was ticked and tried to appeal it…but the school board would not budge on their decision. This is a story for a different day…but I do sympathize. My oldest daughter just graduated from high school last year. Her graduation was a depressing sham because of Covid. We were at the school for all of 5 minutes just so she could walk down the sidewalk in front of her school in her gown and get her diploma. Afterwords we were forced to leave. Should have just mailed the thing and saved the gas…but at least it didn’t rain that day.


Don’t worry, the “double mask mandate” is coming soon and that will surely stop the virus. :roll_eyes:


This mask thing is hurting our kids in more ways than one. I saw a 3 or 4 year old in public the other day screaming her head off in terror because her mask fell off and the wind blew it out of her reach… So so so sad. The affects of this are going to warp the young the worst.


I actually read that, for people jogging. There will be a lot of people passed out on the sidewalk.

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Nice suggestion…

It reminds me of a couple things.

  1. When I visited San Francisco in the 90’s, they had small mirrors on the ATM’s so you could see people behind you (couldn’t be used by others to see your PIN) when you were standing there waiting for your money. I’m suprised I haven’t seen more of these.

  2. Many years ago when visiting a small city in Austria I noticed they had reflective convex dishes on the corners so you could see around the street corners better when driving. Seemed like a simple yet effective idea. Around here, they just keep putting up signs that get ran over from people sliding off the road, and put up a camera so they can ticket people that do it.


Yeah. Why stop with “double”?? If I wear four will that mean I am safer??? Or just susceptible to pass out?? Heh


“Stop being afraid” pretty much says it all, Justin.
The nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master and deserves one.
—alexander hamilton


Well, that’s not true either, to say that because someone delivers something that I’m still being exposed to it. The only time I’m going to be exposed to it is if I get in close proximity to someone that is infected. I highly doubt that anyone is going to be at work if they’re infected. Anyway, it’s about calculating the chances or odds of being exposed and being proactive about protecting my health ( BTW, alot of folks have medical issues that don’t have the luxury of looking at it as a flu-like virus). So, the more people (and places) I get around, the more chance I have of being exposed to it. Common sense says that staying home takes my chances of being exposed to the minimum. BTW, the mail is another source of exposure. Now, there are 320,000 people in my area and 30,783 are infected, so that’s less than 10%. CDC says that about 20% of infected people are asymptomatic, so that’d be alittle over 6,000. THOSE are the folks I focus on. We still go out and get our own groceries ( we just get cabin fever and have to) but i wear a mask and carry hand sanitizer and practice social distancing, etc when I go out into public, cause I know that somewhere out there are 6,000 asymptomatic infected people, that probably don’t even know that they ARE infected and I CERTAINLY don’t know, so I have to assume that everyone is. My thing is, I don’t care what everyone else does. I’m not gonna say anything to anyone, one way or the other. My pet peeve is aholes who seem to think they can force their opinion on other folks. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, I don’t care, just keep your (not you, those that do that) opinions to yourself, and that goes for both sides. I’m not sure which side is more obnoxious, those for or against. Btw, the COVID is NOT “flu-like”. FYI, 56,000 die of the regular flu per year. So far, 440,600 have died of the COVID. HUGE difference.

Per the experts, the virus can only travel 6 feet, so if I stand 6 foot 1 inch away from everyone so I shouldn’t need to wear a mask😉


First off @Clarence5 . They say the virus can live on any surface up to 48 hours.

Second, yes people do go to work knowing they have it all the time. When I got it, one of the engineers I was transporting knowingly had it and still worked.

Third, any virus is going to be worse for anybody who has medical complications. Including the flu. It is proven the the flu kills just as many with medical complications as covid virus does.

These are things you can look up on medical websites, but if you don’t look it up yourself you won’t know, because the mainstream media inflates the death toll to make it look worse than what the flu is.

It’s called a pandemic because they want you to panic so they have control over you.

As for your 440,600 have died numbers. Those are inflated. I know this because I know nurses and doctors and they will tell you that they have been told by the CDC to make sure they put down the death of covid-19 whether it is or not. If they died of heart failure but yet they have antibodies in their system, they tell them listed as covid 19 death. I’ve had doctors tell us that in reality roughly only 60,000 to 80,000 have actually died of covid-19.

Yes it is flu like because I’ve had it and I know.