Pistol Muzzle Devices


So, I saw that there is now a “tactical” version of the PPQ. I’m not sure what’s really different about it, except that it seems to come with night sights and a threaded barrel.

Now, I’m an odd sort of fellow sometimes and while I know that the threaded barrel is for a silencer, I’m starting to wonder what else is available, or even possible. Would there be a reason to put a muzzle break on a pistol? Does such a thing exist? What else besides a silencer can be screwed onto a gun?

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On short barreled rifles, aka SBRs, muzzle devices are actually beneficial. It helps mitigate recoil and sends the blast toward the target and away from the shooter.

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There are a ton of aftermarket compensators for threaded barrels. It’s my understanding that the more aggressive and larger compensators often require a lighter recoil spring to maintain reliability in pistols.

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Compensators on a pistol need gas, and lots of it, to get any sort of utility out of them outside of weight on the end of your gun. A typical 9mm, does not make enough for them to work right. That is why you see them on guns that run .38 Super, 9x25 Dillon, etc. I suppose a .357Sig might work.


I put a muzzle break in my S&W 1911 because it’s soooooo much easier to remove than the flipping bushing. lol