Rifle Suppressor Question/Advice

Good afternoon! I have a question I’d like to ask about Rifle Suppressors. It may be more along the lines of advice, either way, I’m looking for information of the differences, if any, between a suppressor for .50 Beowulf Rifle and 450 Bushmaster Rifle, well, the Bushmaster is considered pistol due to the brace. Anyway, even though both would be referred to as “Thumpers”, what, if any, are the advantages one would have over the other? I do also have muzzle brakes on both as well, so in both cases, the suppressor would be used with the muzzle brake. Thanks ahead of time for any and all info/answers!

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I’ll answer in a limited manner, as befitting my expertise…I’d look for a suppressor for your .50 as the “hole” will be big enough for your .450, and make sure the can is rated for both calibers at whatever length your barrel is at. One can for 2 guns that way,Short barrels are harder on a can from my understanding. I’m not understanding using a muzzle brake with the can unless it’s an externally threaded brake, and with my suggestion, both brakes would need the same threading. Sounds like your Bushmaster may have a short barrel, in which case the .50 diameter can would relieve a bit of the pressure at the expense of a bit more sound. I have .223 and .30cal cans, run the .30 cal on my 5.56 and .22lr guns with an adapter, as well as the .308, (thinking about suppressing the .300 winmag, but the brake is real effective and I don’t shoot too many rounds with that gun on an outing) and find it works just fine. Gas is another issue you’ll “enjoy” tinkering with if you’re shooting semi auto. I played with gas blocks, but prefer the adjustable bcg’s, while some tune with buffers or gas tubes. Bolt guns are easy ime, and really sweet shooting them suppressed.


Thanks for the response and info. Yes, actually you hit the nail on the head, it is a 10.5 inch barrel, so, its considered pistol obviously. Yes, currently legal with it all. You touched on one thing, I was completely ignorant of, that short barrels are harder on the can, but, thinking about it, i guess it would make sense. That alone, in a way, makes me second guess even bothering with a can for it. If nothing else, something else to think about. With the 50 Beowulf, it seems with the right threading I need, those suppressors are hard to find, but they are out there(few). Actually, thinking about it, both rifles I mentioned , neither one is externally threaded, but I am aware of adapters for that, so that shouldnt be an issue. Either way, thanks again for the advice and info.


You could go direct thread to your barrels removing the brake. This link shows 2 different threads for .450 bushmaster and none for .50 Beowulf, but I’m sure you could check if they’re the same by seeing if one brake fits the other gun.


No, i know already that a brake for one, will not fit the other gun. My main thing is recoil reduction. i realze that silencers do for sound, and have little impact on recoil reduction, but from my research, a muzzle brake with silencer actually can be very useful and helps with follow up shots. Yes, i could, as you stated, remove the brake, and direct thread the silencer to the batrel, heck, could even replace the buffer tube and spring to help a bit with tecoil, but from what I know, a good muzzle brake is pretty much the best thing when it comes to recoil reduction, and the tube and spring have only a slight impact. Anyway, thank you for the link, funny thing is, i was actually reading through that exact site earlier. Both being thumpers physically, their both ear drum thumpers, lol, so if i can, even if its just being able to find a silencer for the bushmaster, so be it, but my bottom line and main thing is physical recoil reduction. Im starting to add things that you have stated, with my limited knowkedge, and things are actually becoming clearer, as to what i should do, or not do, believe it or not. Thanks again


The biggest issues you are going to run into for QD muzzle devices that work as both a brake and as a suppressor mount for both is going to be the .50 beowulf. there really isnt a lot of quick detatch devices for .50 or suppressor stuff out for 50 beowulf.

as for the .450 bushmaster, i know several people with dead air primals and LOVE them. there are a couple other manufacturers that also make big bore multical cans that are made to be a do all can swapped between multiple rifles. With them being HUB compatible it gives you a lot of options for different manufactureres various different QD systems

Primal | Dead Air Silencers

As for your barrel not being threaded, most competent gunsmiths will be able to cut muzzle threads if they own a lathe. Had the 16" barrel on one of my R700s turned a few months ago. works flawlessly. Most only charge $75-100 as well, making it typically a cheaper option than opting to just replace the barrel

Usually, most american .45 cal barrels are threaded 5/8x24, but id advise checking that before just trying to jam a muzzle device on it. messing the threads up has consequences that typically involve a lathe lol

Thanks for the info. Actually, both guns have threaded barrels, its that the muzzle brakes themselves do not have threads on the outside. I know they make adapters that one can get and they’re not expensive. Biggest problem is with the 50 beowulf, although a silencer does exist, very hard to come by. Thank you very much for the info and link for the bushmaster though, mine is actuslly threaded 5/8x32.

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Unless your going to be using subsonics, most the can will do is take the concussion out of the cartridge.

Get a .50cal can rated for both calibers.

I sold my 50 Beowulf in favor of a 45-70 I plan to aquire later this year and will also be picking up a Rugged Obsidian 45 can which is rated for 45lc, 45acp, 450 bushmaster (subsonics), 45-70, and so on…

My 2 current cans are both rugged being the Oculus 22 and the Alaskan 360.

The 22cal can will run up to 5.7x28 and the .36cal can will run up to 338 Lapua and below including 9mm…

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I have 4 cans at this point. A silencerco warlock22, silencerco osprey micro, dead air sandman S .30 cal can, and a dead air Ghost M .45 can. been contemplating making the ghost M a pistol specific can and buying a griffin revolution and changing the mount to their HUB 3 lug setup for my UMP. dead air really let me down on not releasing their .45 3 lug setup for the ghost M after 6 or 7 fricking years