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Amateur here, I have to ask some rookie questions cuz I don’t have any friends that know about guns enough.

So I bought this AR pistol at a pawn shop. I think it’s a 7-in or 7.5. I’m trying to figure out if all the components in the gun are average components or higher components.

So it’s chambered in 556 and 223, I would like to take off the muzzle brake and put some sort of compressor or suppressor on it. It’s very loud a lot of the gas goes out to the side and you get a fireball out the front. I know there’s difference in things you can put on the front of it muzzle brake flash hider compressor suppressor ECT. I guess my question is what can I adapt to the front of it that would project the gas forward and reduce the loudness and the gas blast. I’m considering eventually getting a suppressor somewhere in the 3-400 hundred dollar range but then if I understand it correctly you have to get or pay for a tax stamp so that’s plus 200 and register it with the ATF?

I have a full size AR and both guns 556-223 the full size AR 16in is 223 Wade. And I believe that those barrels are threaded so I can get a 556 suppressor and put it on either gun.

The AR pistol was an impulse buy to go with my first gun purchase which was a Glock 19 Gen 3.

I liked it because it was shorter and I wanted an AR didn’t really understand that it’s more of a pistol than a AR because of its yards or range to be a shorter barrel but nonetheless I don’t have too many complaints about it I would just like to start adapting it.

One question I have is when I fire it I often hear like a zing which kind of sounds like a ricochet to me but I’m wondering if that’s just the bullet traveling through the barrel and it being shorter it’s making that zing?

Also I’m not really informed on the dynamics of how the gun operates in the sense of the gas block and I’m wondering if this gun has a way to turn up or down and I’m wondering if the zing noise is an overpowered gas block?

Also I’ve been considering another pistol brace what I have on it now is a pistol stabilizer. Of course when I look at the pistol braces they’re pretty expensive so I may just leave what I have on it. I considered a folding stock going to understand there’s a buffer tube and I have to do something with that before I put a folding stock on it.

But I’m wondering if somebody can look at the picture and just buy the picture alone tell me of the different parts and if they’re good or average and if they’re costly or not.

Sorry Total newbie here still learning all the ends and outs.


Well there are a couple of things. First, your Magpul backup sights are on backwards. They need to be turned around. Regarding a suppressor. You would need to fill out a form 4 and apply to the ATF and pay them $200.00. A suppressor shop can help you with that. If you are lucky you will have it approved in about 6 months and pick up your suppressor from the dealer. If you don’t want to go through that, I would look at a linear flash suppressor. They do not require a government form 4 or a $200.00 stamp. My favorite is the Area 419 Hellfire. I have two of them and I am very happy with them. They are a little pricy but much less than a suppressor and government stamp.

ETA: the zing that you are hearing is likely the buffer spring and is normal.


Thanks. Yeah iv since pulled of the mag pull iron sights and put them on the full-size AR. Hehe that’s how it came and someone pointed that out to me. LoL :laughing:


Agree with @Lance22 about your Magpul sights they need to be reversed. Otherwise its a nice looking AR.


Witt machine makes a…a heck, here’s the link

Suppressors can get e filed now, cutting the time down, though no idea what to… I’ve seen 9 days to 3 months, while I sit and stew waiting a year plus for $2300 of cans and stamps to get approved the old way.
Folding stock, you’d need a piston driven upper in lieu of direct impingement, not sure if they make a piston upper for that short a barrel.
Adjustable gas blocks are a thing, I have 2, on my 12.5 and 14.5 AR “others”. Easy install, not expensive, definitely a good upgrade to a short barreled gun.
Can’t tell if your gun is low or high end from here, main things are the bcg, barrel quality, charging handle, trigger…all details that can be replaced, and all but the barrel can be replaced easily. Looks like mil-spec trigger, not high end but what I’m happy with,A2 grip, no issue though the kids may turn up their nose at it…same kids who shoot indoors at 25 yards thinking they’re operators 'cuz they have everything in fde ceracote :rofl:. BCG looks like nitrided, nothing special but again, it’ll work, and if it ever failed, you can replace it for $60, or go high end for $130ish.
Looks like a kak blade brace on there. If you put a stock on it, you’ll need another $200 to the AFT to sbr it. SB 3 and SB 4 are nice, not insanely priced ('til you realize Amazon has knockoffs for one fourth the price and you can’t tell them apart :crazy_face:)


Agree that Witt Machine is another good option but I have no personal experience with them. I want to put a link to the Flash suppressor that I referred to above because Area 419 calls a lot of things Hellfire including their muzzle breaks which is not what I am talking about.

ETA: My local suppressor shop told me that the eforms are still taking 6 months.

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Muzzle devices generally fall into the categories of: Brake (sounds like what you have), compensater, flash hider. That list is loudest (to the shooter and those near shooter) to least loud. To keep it simple.

5.56 out of such a ridiculously short barrel is going to be a monster of a muzzle blast no matter what muzzle device you have. Personally I always recommend 10.3 as the absolute minimum 5.56 barrel length and only from select good (expensive) manufacturers as 11.5 with a carbine length gas is really a sweet spot that picks up a lot over 10.3 for only an inch (which is why BCM has always made 11.5’s)

Suppressors are expensive, you essentially buy them for life, and buying a centerfire rifle suppressor/silencer on such a low budget is to be avoided IMO. Just my opinion but I say don’t do it, or spend more. Probably $750-$1,100. Plus tax/stamp.

The zing you hear is normal for AR types, it’s the buffer spring inside the receiver extension/buffer tube. There are other buffer systems/springs you can run to get rid of the noise but it’s normal.

You can’t tell qualify of parts generally by looking. You want to know things like the twist rate of the barrel, the steel used for the barrel, the bolt carrier material, the bolt material, if the bolt is HPT/MP…and chances are nothing on that firearm are going to rank highly there, just a guess.

As mentioned turn the sights around, the folding part that raises/lowers goes closer to the shooter.

Honestly, and this may not be what you want to hear or what is in your budget, I would budget for a completely new AR type firearm, but also keep this one because it’s a firearm and if it works keep it, and it will have a lot a spare parts.

My last suppressor stamp took from March 2021 to March of 2022 and I know people a little more recent than that like April/May of 2021 that took 13 months or so.

Don’t worry about a suppressor IMO until you have one complete “Rifle” AR15 type that is top quality and proven with a quality optic and light plus a bunch of spare parts (ask which ones when ready) or (and?) a complete spare AR15 type firearm, and you’ve taken some classes (even just Appleseed and shot Riflemen, yes serious) and have at least 1k rounds of ammo and a dozen regular cap mags on hand


And besides all that, to the immediate “how do I reduce this ridiculous muzzle blast”, get that muzzle brake removed and replace with a flash hider, a simple $5 A2 is still one of the best out there.

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Unless, being summer, mosquitoes are an issue, then wait 'til fall. :wink:
I’ve got a similar brake on a .308 RPR, and the gas gives me a headache on hot muggy days, but the mosquitoes literally drop out of the air…dead.


Food for thought…

And seems like a good time to post this again. Uncle sugar used 20” and someone correct me 14”? Barrel lengths.

Yeah, I agree. I’m starting to regret getting the short barrel AR pistol. And yeah you’re right I’ve been thinking about getting a complete new upper Maybe 10:12 somewhere in there. Yeah I’m on a budget so I had to go with budget guns it just needs to be functional doesn’t necessarily need to require high mileage as far as how many rounds it’ll last. Eventually I’ll get there and shell out for a decent one I got me a full size 16 inch unbranded AR and it’s just basic but it’s nice. Yeah I’ve been watching lots of videos You can make the slightest change on your AR pistol You could essentially be turning it into it SRB or making it into a felony. I think when I first got it I put a front grip on it lol but I didn’t go to the range or show anybody I posted a couple pictures online oops lol I sense deleted and took it off LoL. It is a fun little gun but it’s loud and the gas goes out to the side they said General etiquette at an indoor gun range is not to shoot a short barrel because you’ll be scaring people away with the blast it’ll make it unedicate for others at the range kind of like dropping your weights at the gym I guess lol. Since it’s my first time around a functionality suits my needs practicality is priority and of course training. I like to think I’m a certified badass at least the best damn security guard in Idaho :laughing:. But yeah I’m not an operator nor do I pretend to be and I know what you mean there’s some fools out there their fools. Best thing I can invest in right now is training training training training. Here’s a picture of the full size AR. Unbranded.

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That’s so awesome I hate mosquitoes with a passion. I should name my gun mosquito killer. :laughing: Tell people I’m such a damn sharpshooter I can shoot a mosquito out of mid-air.

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The comments about range etiquette are correct. At most, I think a person with a firearm like that should bring multiple to the range and judge based on who else is there and how far away whether shooting the shorty is appropriate or not.

I personally would have no interest in shooting that even at an outdoor range even if I was by myself. Unless it had a suppressor on it. I find a 16 inch with a flash hider more than loud enough.

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14.5" on the carbine

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After looking at the numbers a long time, to me those lengths were like plateau points. The velocity above 20” doesn’t seem worth the added clumsiness and the velocity starts dropping sharply the more you go below 14”.

And the 55 grain ammunition fired in the Prof’l
Carbon 15
7" barrel only achieved 2190 FPS which calculates to 585 ft-lbs energy.
A 357 revolver has more power, but it doesn’t accept 30 round standard capacity magazines.

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Sorry for the ignorance but is it called an SBR when it doesn’t have the pistol brace or did the do away with that?

No actual changes (federal)

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