Ar Pistol

Is this a SBR? It doesn’t have a pistol brace and it is a short barrel.

I think your red dot is a little too far forward. It looks like if you were to take it diwn for cleaning, thenred dot would be in the way.

I would get a different upper receiver, 11.5" or 12.5" especially if you want a suppressor. 7.5" is loud as hell and the length can cause malfunctions. A suppressor might make it worse. If you like that length, conside a 7.5", 9", or 10.5" upper in 300 blackout. Somebody already pointed out the poor balistics of 7.5" 5.56.

Edit: That is a pistol. That pistol brace I believe is called the Blade, not sure who makes it. If it were an SBR you’d know because it’s an NFA item and there wouldve been more paperwork and a long wait period.

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KAK Shockwave Blade. Its adjustable for length of pull but is tightened down with a set screw so in essence it’s fixed. Also note no butt pad on end…put a “pad” on and it becomes a stock and your pistol becomes an SBR thanks to “AFT” decisions.

Once you reverse your rear MBUS sight you can possibly move your red dot back a couple of slots depending on your eyesight and focal plane. Cleaning take down wouldn’t be affected by the red dot in its current position but if you wanted to remove and replace the handguard it would be in the way.

“Edited for clarity”

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Why? 5 minutes and $75 of tools and you can swap the barrel. The op already has an AR rifle platform so the tools might not be a bad investment.

Loud yes!
Malfunctions. No why would it?

Actually I’ve seen more malfunctions with a 7.5” 300 trying to make subsonic ammunition work. There isn’t enough dwell time from the gas port to the muzzle and subs don’t generate enough gas for proper cycling without a suppressor. Don’t buy a barrel shorter than 8.5” in 300 and expect it to be reliable with subs without a suppressor adding back pressure.

(It does as explained above already) It doesn’t have a carbine or rifle stock either. A pistol brace is generally an improvement over a bare buffer tube. There’s an entire industry of pistol braces.


The KAK blade is now become an SBR item? That must be new’ish as I’ve seen many AR’s sold with the Blade and sold as a pistol. Seems odd that if that AR were an NFA item that he was able to just buy it and take it home without going through all that rigamarole.

RE Upper Swap: It’s up to him and what he wants to do. He doesn’t seem to have a lot of experience with the platform so an upper swap seemed a better solution. But definitely a great solution if one is so inclined.

A few months back I was doing research to buy an AR to run suppressed. And when it came to 7.5" I kept seeing recurring information on the 7.5" in 5.56 with malfunctions and it overall having more wear and tear. It seemed to be related to the gas system not being right for that length. My buddy has a Franklin Armory at 7.5" and he has feeding issues when we go to the range.

Similarly along the line of barrel length the 10.5 inch seems to be ideal for the 300blackout because it doesn’t need as much dwell time as 5.56. I’m just taking that from a in-depth review that Mr. Guns and Gear did a couple years ago and some other articles. Seems that the 7.5" to 9" would be fine but I don’t have direct experience there.

No. You misunderstood. If you attach a butt pad it does.

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They are machines. Open up the gas port. Run a heavier bullet. Trouble shoot it. Make corrections.

Depends on the ammunition you are attempting to use. Whatever you get in 300 blackout make sure it has a pistol length gas system regardless of barrel length. Carbine length gas systems in 300 are finicky.

From the picture provided there isn’t really any way to know the quality of the components of the AR. Really though, the heart of an AR is going to be the Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) and barrel. If they aren’t marked with a brand or model (aka some generic or unbranded) then your guess is as good as ours. Having said that… with the KAK Blade pistol brace and 7.5" barrel I am guessing this is a lower to mid level in terms of the quality of components. That doesn’t necessarily mean its a bad choice, there are tons of budget rifles out there doing work and you don’t have to buy all Gucci level parts in order to have a reliable AR.

As others have mentioned

  • the sights are on backwards (which sounds like you fixed)
  • the red dot (looks like a sightmark? those are OK i think used in competition due to large window but not particularly durable) is too far forward. It should not bridge across from the upper to the rail. You want to keep it entirely on the upper. Now, when its on the upper you can leave it all the way forward on the upper or towards the rear or somewhere in the middle, that is personal preference.

You asked about a side folder, the LAW Tactical folder is what you want (Sylvan makes one too that is cheaper but not as good if you need a budget option). You have to unfold the stock for the firearm to work properly. But if you need to, you can shoot ONCE with the stock folded, the BCG can’t cycle without the stock unfolded so you’d then need to unfold the stock and run the charging handle before you can begin firing. IMO, its not worth the trouble but it does drastically reduce the size while stored if that is important to you and you need to store in a backpack or as a trunk gun or something.

Not sure how much you’ve spent on this, so you may not want to spend more money and as long as it works that is a totally fine option. But if you don’t mind making a few changes you could end up with a very workable firearm.

Since you are considering changing the muzzle device, you’re going to need to buy some tools anyway OR take it to a gunsmith. And if you’re doing that you may as well get some tools to change the barrel or ask the gunsmith to swap out a barrel. Then you will know for sure the quality level of what you buy.

  • maybe just change the barrel to something just a little longer. 10.3", 11.5", 12.5" are all still very short but very usable barrel lengths for the AR platform in 5.56. You will still get some fireballs but exponentially less than that 7.5". Some barrels will come with a flash hider already attached, if not a flash hider is a very cheap muzzle device and your range neighbors will thank you
  • if you really want to keep the short length of 7.5", and you don’t mind spending even more money then you can swap the barrel for another caliber like 300Blackout. 7.5" in 300BO is a very usable length and if you do end up getting a suppressor one day would be a great overall platform. However… your ammo cost will be easily double or more compared to 5.56 ammo. During 2020-2022 availability of good 300BO ammo has been spotty. Over the years the cost can really add up.
  • Maybe buy a new BCG from a known reputable maker (lots of good options and coatings here). That way you know you have a good one that (likely) wont fail, and then the one you have now can be your backup. You can do this whether or not you change the barrel out.

Thank you for the added clarification regarding the addition of a butt pad to the KAK.

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You may want to swap the brace entirely. I think Primary Arms has a sale on the SBA3 brace. May want to buy a plug for it during storage but it’s the better brace IMO.

Yeah I think iam going to change out the upper to 11.5 or 13 or 14…:thinking:

If I where to swap out the 7.5 upper for a 12.5 upper. Do I have to pay a tax stand and is it now a short barrel rifle? Still can’t have a front grip on it right. I’ll talk to the guys at my local gun store.

Check your state’s gun laws, likely as long as you have a pistol brace, you buy the upper and slap it on with no problem. If you put a stock on it, that would likely be an SBR requiring a tax stamp.

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Correct. No forward grips on pistols. 16” or longer barrels are rifles. A 14.5” barrel with a properly pinned and welded flash hider that exceeds 16” counts as a rifle.

Because the gas port pressures and violence of action required of a 7.5" AR system are far beyond what the system was originally designed for, it’s operating towards the extreme end of the envelope, and can be expected to be very hard on parts.

Which is not a good combo especially with a “pawn shop IDK what it is” firearm.

if it’s just a toy and it’s okay if it doesn’t work or breaks, don’t worry about it

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No vertical foregrips on pistols. Last I checked (I am not a lawyer, verify yourself) angled foregrips were allowed.

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