Ar Pistol

Very true. I’m glad you put it into words.

Same thing with production vehicles vs race cars…

I have to admit, I don’t understand how race cars play into this.
Edit: On second thought, I think more to the point, would be:

And the race car that is built on the razors edge with “I don’t know” as the answers to questions like “what is the compression ratio, what’s the crank made out of, what valvesprings are used” is going to be a breakdown risk when compared to the competitor car that is built with known quality and known quantity parts for those, and as it happens, makes more horsepower and more torque while operating farther from the edge in all possible parameters

These super short AR’s aren’t really built at the edge of being able to function for a performance benefit, they are paradoxically built at the edge of being able to perform for a performance detriment.

I used this one on mine. It reduced fire ball and throws the noise forward away from shooters.


I’ve built more than a few AR pistols for myself and others and I don’t find the 7.5" tubes to be an issue. They do like 62gr better than 55gr but not to the point of failure but more to the point of accuracy. In general if you are looking for nail driving accuracy there are better options but 7.5’s do fairly well IMHE, but you have to know the limitations of what you are running. If I’m building or buying an AR pistol it’s for 200 yards and in, yes I can make you duck out to 500 but that’s not the point. As far as loud, you have a rifle cartridge in a pistol platform it’s gonna make noise. To mitigate that I use what @Gary_H does (I think I told him about them) they come in various flavors and price points from OSUSA to the Flaming Pig, flash cans reduce felt recoil, muzzle flash and noise to the shooter. Their issue is that they are heavy and the farther you stick them out there the worse it feels. Any AR pistol is going to be a compromise unless you are building a 14.5" carbine with a brace as that is the minimum barrel length to effectively maximize M-852 (Green Tip 62gr) ammo which is best served in a 1:8 twisted tube. You have a 7.5" pistol, play with stuff.




Yes sir, you have never steered me wrong :+1:


You are probably hearing the spring in the buffer tube. This is an excellent spring to upgrade with. It may change the sound pitch and make it less annoying to you.



I am also personally a huge fan of the vltor A5 intermediate buffer system for AR15 type rifles/carbines. My ultimate preference generally is a vltor/BCM 7+ position receiver extension (aka buffer tube) with A5-H2 buffer and Sprinco Green spring.

The Tubb springs are also very popular, or simply replacing the standard recoil spring with a Sprinco green spring (and for many AR’s, they benefit from increasing the buffer weight from factory Carbine to an H/H1 (same thing) and a Sprinco blue spring

Geissele Super 42 braided wire springs are also good (though you are supposed to only use them with the Geissele buffer weights)