Physical Fitness Aspect of Self-Defense


I’m getting older. I have a back injury that I have to consider in all I do. I have spent years out of shape. Now, with my renewed concerns about self defense, I have taken many steps not just to be better able to defend myself, but to live a healthier and happier life.

Is physical fitness part of your self-defense journey?


I can easily fireman carry 250lbs, lift myself over obstacles, sprint short distances without getting too winded, and stay relatively active. I’m not a beacon of physical performance or athleticism, but I’m happy with where I’m at for the most part.


Im decent sized, right in the size of is he fat or is he muscular. Leave someone guessing if physically i could be a threat.

I am slow and steady, can pack some weight and go for some distances if need be, not fast and running phsically exhausts me (lifelong condition from birth). Physical labor work for me, i get to the gym when i can and go for usually a 3-7 mile workout.

Im not “fit” but i can pull my weight and then some and keep up the pace…

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Yes. Im 55 and have had two shoulder surgeries and two back surgeries along with a broken left leg and I was shot in my right femur. The one shoulder surgery on my right shoulder has had me out of work for over a year on workers comp. My training is more one hit system. My training helps but there are alot of good info out there about differant techniques. Let me know if you need info??


Ouch, Raven! That all sounds awful. I hope things heal well for you. What kind of work do you do?

Right now, my wife and I are focused on cardio at the gym. I’ve dropped 38 pounds in the last year, aiming for 50. When spring hits, I should lose a bit more. Waiting for the cold weather to go away, then I’ll pull out my unicycle. I’ll definitely lose a few more pounds then.


Im good. I heal well. Except this time. Im a aerial lineman. Right now I do alot of walking. They arent sure on my shoulder but we’ll figure it out. Check out the Self Defense Company from Damian Ross. He has alot of great stuff. Alot of self defense moves of quick take down or one punch.

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God bless you foul weather warriors! I’ll check out the link.

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I’m a disabled veteran. I still get around pretty good for a vet with as many injuries my military life gifted me with. That’s why they pay me the big bucks. I managed to make due for many years but really concealed my injuries as best I could. But the pain has significantly increased along with the effects of the trauma. Let’s just say I gave it my all. I’ve been trying to go to the gym with my wife since last summer. But she hasn’t been available consistently. So now I’m trying to build up enough courage to go to the gym on my own during the day. I’m afraid of falling or busting something ever since I was put on blood thinners. It’s a real anxiety provoked. That’s one reason martial arts is really not a good option anymore in my opinion. My brother, also on blood thinners, has been to the ER several times over the past few years. Some from accidents working out at the gym. Might sound funny but that’s why I got LTC. Crime has increased near or around our neighborhood. Katrina brought in a lot of thugs willing to shoot people over property. Two near abduction in the past year that we know of, one was my son’s girlfriend. We can’t just up and move just yet. I have to make repairs go the house and finish getting my kids through school. Our neighborhood is really an upscale community with plenty of safety conscious residence. Houses rarely go up for sale and especially for rent. Life is changing. We bought in 2001 and doubled the value. We’re looking at options. Just not sure. I like being near a hospital. Been to the ER 4 times in the past 2 years. I’m only 57 and feel 67 with all my pain from near death injuries serving our country.


Al joking about man cards aside, try water arobics, or even just join a gym with a pool. Swimming is good cardio, low impact, and is good for core strength. You use all your muscles, even just swimming laps.


I am 50 widowed and would like to know self defense. There is a class offered where I live but need to be more fit to take it.


I’m 49 this year and am getting back into training. In my 20s I was 180lbs

, my 30s depending on training I was between 220-240lbs.3F22250D-C9C0-449A-83B2-157104A0459A , I topped out at 370lbs and am now down to 330lbs and 6 feet tall. It was like wow how did that happen.333C5F6F-BD79-4083-ACDC-97E37F0789E2

I made it a point to consult with my doctor and got the green light.
25 min of heavy bag.
10 min of speed bag,
45 min of treadmill, sometimes an elliptical.
Lifting barbells/dumbbells, power cage.

I have been better able to get around ever since I started, I have injuries from a car accident in ‘93. Ankle, knees, back, and rotator cuff injuries from 20 years at UPS, 7 as a route delivery driver so I can relate. It was pretty rough in the beginning, and now it’s much better.

It’s a good feeling to know I’m making progress, my motivation was my grandkids I want to be able to see them grow up and be able to keep up with them. Another motivation was after working on some upgrades on the cars it was rough crawling around and jumping up then crawling under the car again.

It got me thinking, being on my feet is one thing and handling it, but if I got into it and it was all ground work I might be in trouble.

I won’t be back down to 240lbs just want to follow my doctors advice and she’s good with my goal of 270lbs. All test coming back in line so steady and consistency are my game plans.


@mdstanzel Some people give all, and we honor their memories. Others, like youself, give all they can and spend their lives suffering the effects. Thank you for your sacrifice. I hope you can find a way to exercise that really works for you. Is a swimming pool an option for you? It helped my wife immensely when she couldn’t work out any other way due to injuries.

@midnight05 I would love to learn self-defense too. Did a little TKD years back, wish I had stuck with it. Any less than lethal training is a worthy pursuit.


@KenM Love the pictures! They really tell a great story. Mine follow a similar route.

At 23, I was 185 lbs.

At 26, I had my own window cleaning business. Lifting and climbing ladders all day. Around 210, and in the best shape of my life.

Then I hurt my back. Every day was filled with pain. Acted like I was 70, ate like I was still 26. Shot up to 282 lbs. In this picture, I’m standing next to Dennis Rogers, world’s strongest man (at his bodyweight). He bent the wrench, I ripped the deck of cards.

After many years’ journey of rediscovering myself, my back was healed (mostly). I am now able to do 98% of what I could before. Spent a lot of time at the gym, found unicycling, but my job kept me in bad dietary habits. Stayed around 240 for many years.

Now, with a new job, much better diet, and more exercise, I have been dropping weight over the past year. Was 254 last March. Down to 217. Goal is 204 for a 50 lb loss. No picture yet, I’m waiting for that magic 50 lbs!

My motivation to begin the journey was my doctor telling me in 5 years I was gonna have a major stroke and have someone spoon feeding me and changing my diaper for the next 40 years. I feel so much healthier, able to do so much more. I still suffer from a stiff back due to all the years of not bending at the waist, but that’s gonna take years to un-do. Every day is a challenge, and every challenge is an opportunity for success. Somedays, simply not going backwards is success.


@KenM Do you and your wife workout together? My wife and I are becoming gym rats. Its so much better having someone to work out with. She’s just starting down the path of health recovery. Give her a few more years, she’s gonna have a similar success story.


@AAlan that mustache in the first pic was legit. Congrats on your fitness!


There is a pool at our health club. I should use it.

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Yes @AAlan , she’s a bonafide hardcharger. Her thing is running, and core training. Here’s a pic of me in my home office with some of her medals from her runs and a plaque that reads “If it doesn’t challenge you - it doesn’t change you”. She likes to use our home gym as well as the local gym.


We have that up in the USCCA offices! Along with “Get Sh!t Done” “If It’s to Be, It’s Up to Me!” and a whole bunch of others! It’s a great place to work.

Now if I could only embrace running :wink:

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I’d tweak that one a bit. Failure - crossing off one more option on the journey to success!

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