Patriots Take on Coronavirus, Support First Responders | USCCA

As Americans, we are called to serve those on the front lines fighting to save lives during the COVID-19 — coronavirus — pandemic. For those who were born to protect, there is no sitting on the sidelines. That’s why the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) is partnering with Nine Line Apparel in its heroic effort to mass-produce American-made masks to protect those who need them most: our first responders and medical providers.

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Personally, I have a number of Nine Line Apparel shirts – and I’m proud to wear them!

How many Nine Line shirts do you have?

I think I have close to a dozen… :grin:

Have you heard what they’re doing to support first responders?

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Hi where on here can we order shirts

There will be a special shirt offered during the event tomorrow night, @ricky16. Until then, you can check out the rest of the Nine Line offerings here:

And see what they’re doing with masks here:

Welcome to the Community!

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Thank you :blush::blush:

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I lean towards grunt style for the warranty but I pretty much only own veteran owned t-shirts. I’ll keep my eyes open to support this…

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I would like to attend

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I just placed my mask order :mask:


Received my masks this week and my America Strong T Shirt today to add to my Nine Line wardrobe of ten plus shirts, hats and jacket.

Don’t need additional stuff. Will send a direct donation tonight.

Proud to me a member of USCCA and a supporter of Nine Line


@John170, As a member you can order the shirt by itself on your USCCA dashboard,

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Thanks @Dawn just ordered ours

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I would like to suggest USCCA develop a discounted family membership package that includes parents and adult children, not just spouses. I would compare it to how USAA Insurance/Banking allows military member’s children to access their products.


I am a firefighter medic here in San Diego California. Just saw the post on how your helping us first responders. I wanted to personally thank you. Thank you :pray:t2:.

My Fire department are so low in PPE. We are required to wear masks during our whole shift, which is 48 hrs. We are so low on supplies that we are reusing the same masks every shift. Allot of us are walking around with just bandanas or home made masks that are not FDA approved. So I think here in San Diego County we are just using what we can get our hands on.
Scott I


Thank you.
Our politicians could learn a great deal from USCCA , Nine Line and our brothers and sisters on the front lines of life as business owners or working for small businesses. We need help now, not next week or whenever:

“A good plan , violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week” — George Patton.


We use something similar at the USCCA Headquarters - but we don’t use the word violent :wink:

Understandable but in Patton’s world it was appropriate. My dad was a combat engineer under his command in WWII.

John J. Swiess
Attorney at Law

Private contact information removed for your personal information protection, @John170 ~Dawn


I have 2 nine line apparel shirts. A blue one with the American flag that says America live it love it or get the hell out and the grey one that says “Responsibly armed American” shirt that I got at the concealed carry expo last year in Pittsburgh.

I really wish I had the money to join you guys this year Dawn in Kansas City. I had so much fun at the one in Pennsylvania. First expo ever.

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MAY 12th - 11:45AM
In a show of national solidarity, the Blue Angels, will conduct 15 minutes flyover over Chicago City.

Below you can watch flight over Miami (May 8, 2020)

Few screenshots from Chicago’s flightover

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