Patriots Take on Coronavirus, Support First Responders | USCCA

They gave Chicago a wide brith too - my daughter saw them fly over our home in SE Wisconsin. I missed it :frowning:


That’s awesome! My brother graduated from the Air Force Academy. Their air show for graduation weekend was AMAZING!

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Well when all you do is airplanes. Lol. Just ribbing the Airforce.

Those guys that do those airshows/flyovers have ice in their veins. It’s awesome to see them push the envelope of the equipment

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We support first respondents in Poland :+1:


Here’s my question of the day. Does anybody know if it’s save to get on that are plane and travel?

the reason why I asked this question is because a friend of mine told me that she was on the airplane and it was literally only 5 people and when she got to her destination they were told that they have to be quarantined for 15 days.