Parler is back up and running

Parler is back online again! :grinning:


I don’t see it yet.

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I didn’t either. wouldn’t resolve, until I searched for it through Now I’m looking right at it.
Isn’t that interesting?

Now, the question for those of you security-minded individuals. Will you actively use Parler, or will you avoid putting your name out there knowing that it’s sure to be a target for activist hackers?

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The app still reports problems and the Web page still shows the same couple of messages from 1/18-1/21.

I agree it’s interesting that you couldn’t find it until you used duck duck go. hmmm…

I consider myself a reasonably security conscious person. I will probably use Parler cautiously, being careful how much I rail against the Man & what else I post.

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I am able to bring up my account in Microsoft Edge now, but not on the app. That’s to be expected as they get everything up to capacity.

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and I initially got the page to come up in Chrome on my desktop pc but the page didn’t seem to load right.
it did open in Edge to a Tech Difficulties page

They seem to be having some issues. I posted a few comments and none of them showed up yet. and the page loads inconsistently!


I have no inside info, but it’s possible the old app still points to the old site. I would delete it and re-install from the website now that’s it’s back online.

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can you reinstall without using the G…le store/appl store?
you mentioned install form the website - is the app available that way?

Yes. If you can get the new website to run, poke around and you’ll find links to the Apple and Android apps.

I can’t verify that the apps work; I haven’t tried it. But the original apps probably wouldn’t work given all that’s transpired.


and that may well be the reason why the app on my phone doesn’t work.

(app tells me it requires an update; I click ok, loops right back around to login page;
wash, rinse, repeat.)

Oh, wait. The Apple Store stopped allowing the app to be installed. That’s probably why I can’t log in via the app. When I attempt to get to the app from, I am told that the app isn’t available in my region.

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I am not certain why it shouldn’t. I think the DNS may not have fully propagated, and may resolve or fail on , eg., Xifnity vs Verizon differently for the next couple of hrs.
The site works for me, looks like you can create a new account if you wish to subscribe. I never had an account, may create one just to boost their customer base and thumb my nose at the thought censors.


Without seeing the code, I can’t be sure. But when my team pushes certain updates to our main web app, we sometimes have to push a mobile update to accommodate the change. I would think that being erased from the internet and finding a new host a month later could qualify as a significant change.

That and, as others have said here, the old apps don’t seem to work.

What matters, they got hosting, and can publish new mobile app packages there.

I wonder who their provider is. Who is not afraid of tech tyrants’ wrath.
The question that bugs me, why don’t they have a TOR address, neither Gab, nor Telegraph. Why not allow for strong privacy.

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Parler moves to Epik, domain known for hosting far-right content (


Noticed that my original Parler account/profile is still working. Though the Parler network operation appears to be slow - perhaps due to the volume of activity of going back on-line.

Business Insider didn’t miss a chance to smear Epik, Gab, and a bunch of other services and their executives, unrelated to Parler story… Why so angry at the world???

I guess everybody’s got to be mad at someone.

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