P938 sas

Just received an email from Sig and they are introducing a new 938 with the SAS sight set up. In 9mm I think this will be a great one. I love the single action but have to handle one before I commit to a purchase. I cary the P365 SAS but I have carried small frame 1911s so the cocked and locked is fine with me. Anyone else intrigued?


I just saw that email too and definitely interested.

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Yes! I have a 938, and love it. Very reliable. My only question from a tactical aspect, is the lack of the sights sticking up. (As far as a tactical one handed reload and having to put back into battery or clear?)
I also have a 365, that is the only thing holding me back on the sas. Looks cool, just my opinion.


Ditto, i have a 938 also and love it… i’ve probably posted about it one time before :smiley:

I too am looking for real feedback on SAS version on how the draw, site, and feel is vs the full site variant.

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I haven’t seen the email yet (I normally open my Sig emails :innocent:).

I have yet to try the SAS sights… May have to put a few rounds down range tonight to try it out (the local range has the 365 SAS to rent).


I actually sold my P365 SAS because I could not see the sight at night. Great sight during the day but it was difficult for me to pick up once the sun went down. Without being able to pick up a sight picture at night I felt this could become dangerous if I ever needed to pull to defend. I bought the P365 XL NRA edition in place of the SAS.


I got the email this morning also. I think the whole SAS line is really neat and playing with a 365 SAS in a gun store I really was surprised how intuitive it is. It felt like using a red dot to me in a way. Probably would’ve purchased it but at the end of the day no Sights/slide stop has me hung up…don’t really know why, but I’m one of those, if it’s gonna happen it’ll happen to me kinda people…

I also can’t stand having to use a tool to field strip a gun…


Got my email. We have 2 P938’s (his and hers, cute I know) and never felt that I needed stealth sights. I do wonder if the slides are retro-fitable?

I do have a Sig P224 that is SAS old school with the regular sights.

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I’d bet the slide is retro-fit. Only because the P365 and XL all are interchangeable. The more I shoot the SAS the more comfortable I feel using them. And like the video this is a 10ft ish CQB design. I really prefer the single action of the P938 being more 1911 like and not the long trigger pull of the striker guns. I want to try one but I live in a rural area so access to the latest is problematic.