Ordering from Sig, have your I.D. ready

Got this email. FedEx policy. Anyone know if this extends to any other 2a type purchases? Ironically, my two NFA items, $400 in tax stamps and total cost of $2300, are coming via USPS, no signature required. Nice to see we’re consistent :smirk:. Anyways, the email…
Dear Customer,

As of June 28, 2022, Fed Ex implemented a change in their shipping procedure; ID scanning to be required for adult signatures. Their scanning technology will:

  • Capture the recipient’s name associated with the ID and auto-populate the first initial and last name.
  • Confirm the recipient is 21 years or older.

Their software does not record any other personal data (e.g., driver’s license number, phone number(s), birthdate, home address, etc.). See more information about this here.

Due to a change in policy from our freighter, SIG SAUER is implementing a change in our shipping procedure.

As of 1 September 2022, controlled items shipped via Fed Ex will require the following:

  • Adult Signature Required
  • Scanning of driver’s license in order to verify age upon delivery

If the recipient refuses to show ID as proof of age and signature, SIG SAUER will consider the shipment as refused, which could incur restocking or reshipping fees.

We appreciate your assistance in ensuring we are all in compliance with these new industry shipping protocols.


I prefer this over the UPS policy.


That hits me as strange. I’ve had 4 ammo deliveries, complete with “orm-d” on the boxes, each order fairly sizeable, 30-50 pounds, delivered no issue via UPS, since first finding out about this issue. 2 orders from steelcityAMMOco, 2 from freedomMUNITIONS…maybe it’s my effervescent personality and sparkly smile? :thinking:


I suspect shipping vendors are being pushed around by the ATF and their asinine rules. Unless congress steps in and yanks the chain, hard, on the ATF through legislation this is only going to get worse.


Unelected tyrants :rage:


I have had several ammo shipments since I first heard about the UPS problem all arrived without any problems


It’s called “IMPEACHMENT”.


I have had packages containing alcohol that required signatures by state law, and have had them just left at the door. What the rules are and whether they are followed, just like any other law, is up to the morality/ethics of the person involved in the transaction. I surely was not going to report the drivers as I got my deliveries, what do I care? I am far older than 21 years old.


I ordered 8 cases of shotgun shells last week that I was told had to be shipped in two shipments due to limit on how much could be on a single truck. Both arrived on the same truck at the same time.


I received a couple of boxes of 45 ACP from Sig a week ago. The first time in 2+ years I’ve had to sign for delivery. The driver told me they’re supposed to scan my DL, but asking my birthdate was good enough for him. Now I understand what was going on.

Of course it doesn’t.