Optic Covers


I have a Holosun 507c optic on my PDP, but I have to keep cleaning it out, because it gets dust, hair, and other debris inside the optic as I carry it. I have seen that there is sort of a cover that can be put on the open end to help keep it clean, but leave the aiming reticle open, so you don’t have to try and uncover your optic if you find yourself in a fight.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what they’re called, so I’m not having any luck finding one. It seems kind of basic, and I feel a little silly, but does anyone know how to find one of these?



I found this on google.


Strike Industries makes a transparent cover for RMR. Maybe you can contact them to see if they have a similar one in the works for holosun.


Optics are a crutch… buy rifles with iron sights!
Optics are compromised in too many ways. A bump- drop- screws wearing lose- sight pic is trashed!
I don’t and won’t rely on optics. Iron sights win wars and shows the real metal of a defenders disciplines.
Optics are a false sense of security. Sure you can hit far out when they’re snug- but when they act up you’re assed out!


I read an article a couple of months ago that basically the same thing, but, once you’ve mastered your iron sites THEN think about optics.

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