Open Carry Friendly places in NC?

Anyone know any open carry friendly places in NC?

Pretty much the whole state except the big cities that are full of transplants that don’t know any better. You might get some folks that will make comments or even harass you. If they do call the police on them. The officers will swiftly explain to them that you are legal and within your rights in our great state.


Okay, thank you. But I know walmart, target, CVS, Walgreens, and a few others do not allow open carry. Do you know of any stores that do? Resturants?

I see folks open carrying in those places quite frequently especially now. I also see them often in my local Lowes Food Store and around town. I think the practice is a bit regional and many of the local folks (regardless of Corp HQ policy) really do no see it as a big deal. I would of course avoid any place that is clearly posted on the door/entrance and if asked to leave by an owner/manager immediately respect their wishes. You do not want t be charged with trespassing.

Personally I do not open carry though I’m not averse to it if I had to. But, I understand with the long waiting times ahead of them for approvals of the CC Licenses why some folks would want to. It carries it’s own special challenges of course but it can be done successfully and it is your right.


Okay, much appreciated thank you. See im 18, so I can only open carry not conceal. I did set up a petition, and contacted the governor to let NC have Constitutional Carry, no response yet though

NC does have Constitutional Carry, or permitless carry. But it has to be open carry, not concealed.

I know, but I meant as permitless conceal carry for those 18+ and not just for those who are 21 as it is now

I live in NC. Why would you want to open carry instead of concealed, which just seems easlier all the way around.

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Oh, I get it now.

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Because Im 18, not 21. I can’t legally conceal carry.

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Gotcha. Outside of the police, I’ve never seen someone open carry in downtown Charlotte. I suspect that they would drag you in using terror to the populace, or so I have heard. Outside of major cities you’ll likely not be bothered at all.

§ 14-288.3. Provisions of Article intended to supplement common law and other statutes.

The provisions of this Article are intended to supersede and extend the coverage of the common-law crimes of riot and inciting to riot. To the extent that such common-law offenses may embrace situations not covered under the provisions of this Article, however, criminal prosecutions may be brought for such crimes under the common law. All other provisions of the Article are intended to be supplementary and additional to the common law and other statutes of this State and, except as specifically indicated, shall not be construed to abrogate, abolish, or supplant other provisions of law. In particular, this Article shall not be deemed to abrogate, abolish, or supplant such common-law offenses as unlawful assembly, rout, conspiracy to commit riot or other criminal offenses, false imprisonment, and going about armed to the terror of the populace and other comparable public-nuisance offenses. (1969, c. 869, s. 1.)

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Alright, but I still do know which stores allow you to open carry. Because, I know I’ll probably be kicked from Walmart. So, I’d like to shop at a store or eat at restaurants that support my right to carry. Also, fortunately I don’t live at Charolette anyway, but thanks for the headsup.

@AdamThePatriot. I’m a NC resident, conceal-carry 99% of the time, and don’t frequent the larger cities. But given that, I see open-carry all the time, and have never seen a person asked to leave a place because of it. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but it is rare.

Trial-and-error brother. Carry on, if an establishment asks you to leave, leave, and don’t go back.

I hope you consider conceal-carry when you reach 21. I’m an old fart, and need every tactical advantage I can get if, heaven forbid, I have deploy on Mr. Bad Guy. It’s good to keep them guessing.

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When I took my instructor class at NCDOJ I was informed that there has never been a prosecution of a resident of NC for open carry. They can not touch you unless there is criminal activity associated with it such as brandishing or trespassing. The police know this and I have never heard of anyone being harassed by law enforcement over open carry. I live in a relatively large city and more and more I’m seeing young people open carry without issues except as the OP said some businesses asking them to leave.

I have also heard of incidents of people harassing folks open carrying, mostly out of state transplants that should mind their own business and don’t know anything better because they’ve never seen this behavior in their old home state of NY, NJ wherever they came from, but again you deal with those by swiftly calling the police and reporting THEM for their actions.

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Yessir, I plan to conceal carry when I turn 21. My mission right now is to get conceal carry for those who are 18+, would be great.

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Thank you so much for the solid information on the open carry issue. As a refugee from the frozen tundra I am happy hear of the firm adherence to our 2nd amendment rights in NC . I joined USCCA to become informed and actively pursue with other patriots, our foundational rights as Americans. My question is, who will the gun grabbers send to confiscate our weapons and what will be our organized, legal and tactical response to that illegal act toward us?

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Hi Michael and thanks for your kind words. The topic you bring up weights heavy on a lot of folks minds nowadays and deserves discussion but it is so broad in scope and so far reaching that a limited venue like a post on a board won’t even scratch the surface. It needs to be handled grassroots by same minded folks in local groups and on a larger scale by the leadership of our representative organizations like the NRA and others like them.