Newer civilian gun owner in New Hampshire

Hey folks, first off I am happy to join the uscca family. I live in New Hampshire which is pretty relaxed when it comes to gun laws. I am a bigger fan of open carry myself, I was in the Marine Corps so I am pretty comfortable and used to having a weapon on me and accessible and with how the world is slowly changing I started to actually keep my weapon on me in my civilian life. I guess my biggest question being a more “active” gun owner in my state is how do you deal with the eye glares and such that the civilian population gives you when you do open carry? It is summer up here so obviously concealed carry is a bit much (Especially since I carry a Jericho 9mm which isn’t very Concealed friendly) to do comfortably. I try to be as respectful to any businesses I walk in to and in NH if a store owner asks you to leave then you are required to otherwise you are trespassing.

I have to say the civilian world when it comes to guns is just crazy. What do some of my other regional gun owners think?


I am in Virginia, OC is rare in public, so I don’t typically OC in public. The only exception to that is as a rep of rights groups. As a rep, I usually do OC my handgun at gun shows and other events. They want the public to see ordinary people carrying and that we are not the problem. Some members OC and others CC at these events, and depending on what I am wearing, I might be CC, too.

At gun shows it is never an issue. At other events, it isn’t the OC at issue, but that the organization is pro-rights. Typically, it is not much of an issue, but on a rare occasion, I may have a conversation with someone that is either anti- or on the fence. Depending on their maturity level, it can be an amicable discussion or one where their fear factor outweighs their ability to have a meaningful conversation. The only thing one can do at that point is just remain calm and let the person display their irrational fear and antics to anyone that is passing by or watching. Some of the more difficult discussions are with those that believe in some “gun control”, often times those tend to be hunters who only believe that their hunting rifles/shotguns are the only firearms that people should own.

People typically have strong opinions of CC and OC. The typical reason given for CC is a perceived tactical advantage where a criminal will not know you are carrying, and thereby will not target you because you have a firearm. One reason typically given for OC is to let them know you are carrying and deter a criminal act due to that. I recently was told a personal account where the perp was coming toward the OC person, then turned around after the firearm was noticed.

Personally, if I notice someone carrying, even a LEO, I always make an assessment of how they are carrying. I have seen a few issues with OC in the past couple of years. One was a LEO directing traffic at a crosswalk - retention strap unsnapped, with people walking right by her. I decided to just walk away quickly, as I didn’t want the officer to get the wrong idea, if I mentioned the problem. The other was an armed guard at my office - carrying in a holster that looked as if either the firearm was going to fall out or the holster was going to break off the belt, as it was swinging very loosely as he walked. The worst offender was not due to OC, but that another guard at my office stated he never fired the handgun he was carrying for his/our protection (???).

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I mean I am a pretty blunt person, I carry to protect myself and those around me and having the past that I do I feel comfortable carrying in the open. I know there are those gun owners who frown on it and such but I don’t do it to make a point though I would love it if people asked why I am doing it but I don’t make the choice to open carry as some sort of political statement. When the weather is cooler I will switch over to a concealed carry simply because I can do it more comfortably inside of a jacket. I weighed the pros and cons of a holster with a retention strap and such and obviously I don’t have the luxury of a duty belt so I am still looking into more permanent solutions to tackle the weapon being ripped from my belt but I wear leather belts and fitted holsters also I am pretty much running around at condition yellow and orange anyway so I am very aware of my surroundings. Obviously my intentions are not to instill fear into the minds of the people around me but maybe if people see a good civilian walking around armed, especially these days, they might take some solace in that fact? Granted in NH a lot of people conceal carry because we don’t require a permit for concealed carry since 2017 I believe but as I said before I found a pistol I like and it just isn’t comfortable to wear IWB and the heat doesn’t really make it any better.

You really saw an LEO with their pistol accessible to the general public? That sounds like some real complacency there lol

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Welcome mr bass!

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Thank you!

Yes, which is why I got away as quickly as possible.

My .45, PX4 Storm, is in an OWB, but a Hawaiian shirt in Summer and a long shirt in Winter covers well.

Obviously, and agree.

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@M.Bass I’m a concealed carry guy even in the hottest of VA’s months. Your gov’t spent a lot of time and money teaching me how to not exist and the idea of open carry has never appealed to me as it draws flies. I firmly believe in the Grey Man. As my brother from another mother, I get you being comfortable OC and unless you were embassy staff my Beloved Corps (I’m a Corpsman) did not teach you how to carry concealed. The Jericho is a very nice platform and I have one similar in the EAA Witness in 45 ACP, I have found that it slides nicely into a Bianchi 3S holster made for a Beretta 92 (M-9) which is an IWB holster that rides very well at 4:00. A good belt is your friend.




Welcome to the family brother and thank you for your service

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Correct, they tried to sucker me into presidential guard in boot camp but I went the infantry route. There were way too many uniform inspections for that duty. I am looking into more concealed carry options though, not because I want to or agree with it but to simply help with the social stigma I may face when I OC.


Thank you for your service. Love me some Marines when the fecal matter starts to hit the impellor blade at speed. I was an EOD tech with enhanced medical training. So I got to do some “hearts and minds” tours with the Marines. Like @Craig6 I very much am a “Grey Man” proponent. I CC a Glock 30 or 41, and as some have said here, to many knives.

With that said, I don’t want anyone knowing what I have. So , they come in fat, happy, and over confident.


Hey @M.Bass Welcome to the forum.
There are a handful of long discussions on here as to whether you should OC or CC. There are tactical reasons for CC, and deterrent reasons for OC. I have always said, based on your circumstances it will dictate which you implement. CC does have many more advantages over OC, Sun Tzu, “… never let your enemy know your strengths…” I want an attacker to think in his head just after he has started aggression, “Ooops!”.

But everyone’s comfort level is different. Study up on and train for OP if that is your decision and be the best OP person you can be.