South Carolina Open Carry (or Constitutional Carry)

Don’t know how many of you have been keeping up with this bill here in South Carolina, but it looks like Open Carry (or Constitutional Carry as it’s sometimes referred to) is really getting a head of steam here in South Carolina and looks very promising that it could become legal in the very near future. Governor McMaster has said that he would sign it if it made to his desk. I personally have mixed emotions about this, but it doesn’t keep me awake at night at the thought of my state having legal open carry. That’s just me. I know that there are a few other states that have legal open carry and there are no major problems. I know that there are a lot of law-abiding citizens that would really like the thought of being able to openly carry their weapon. Please feel free to comment, both positively and/or negatively. This is for discussion and I’m interested in your thoughts.


I am for constitutional carry 100% but I myself do not open carry much because I feel it makes you a target for those which are not lawbiden.


I am also 100 percent in agreement with constitutional carry and as brother @Lu-Can mentioned I also will not do open carry. I like to have the element of surprise. All this being said that sounds like great news for the state of South Carolina.


That’s a done deal, sir. As a CWP holder from the Palmetto State, I’m happy for the option but I doubt I exercise it. As stated above, better for a ne’er-do-well not to know what’s about to happen or who they’re choosing as a victim. If they see it, they can plan the attack to take that option away from the victim first thus leaving them defenseless.

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Open Carry is not referred to as “Constitutional Carry”. Constitutional Carry is being “allowed” to carry CC or OC without any prior approval (license/permit) by the government. Yes, many states do have OC laws with no prior approval required, and have had no issues with it, just like the 21 (?) states that now have “Constitutional Carry”. It proves that law-abiding citizens are not the problem.


To you guys that corrected my mistake as to Open Carry being the same as Constitutional Carry, you are correct, they are not the same and that was my mistake. However, as an update for this, the law goes into effect here in South Carolina in a couple of days. Wood, you were right, at the time that I wrote the post, it was already signed by Governor McMaster. I did not realize that and again, my mistake. I also very much agree with you all who want the element of surprise on your side by having your weapon concealed. I also want to have some kind of advantage should a ne’er-do-gooder decide to do something in the same place where I happen to be at the time.