South Carolina Becomes 29th State to Allow Carrying Firearms Without a License A gun rights advocat


I am glad! I can carry my snubbie 38 when we go back to Edisto Beach next February!


Patrick33, welcome to the Looney Bin Community! So, Edisto Beach! Do did bring snubbie last month, right!! Glad to hear next year you’ll dress up when you come down here!!!


About time.

21 more to go.

Not that we will ever get to 50, but, we are well past half.


“shall not be infringed” means no permit required. This is the way.


Hello and welcome @Patrick33

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@Patrick33 Welcome to the community! Carry like a proud 2A American, as we all should.

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I assume the SC constitutional carry only applies to residents and out of state residents who have one’s concealed carry permit recognized by SC. Unfortunately SC does not recognize my Wisconsin, Minnesota and Florida licenses. I am a Wisconsin resident.

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If SC required you to be a SC resident to fall under their “constitutional carry” laws, they would literally be the only state in the country out of all 29 to hold such a requirement at this time

The USCCA Reciprocity Map says

As of March 7th, 2024, open carry as well as concealed carry is legal without a permit to anyone 18 years of age or older that is not prohibited by law.

I don’t think that assumption is correct. I see no indication it applies only to SC residents


I hope you are right. SC is the only state I want to carry but up to now could not. It has always been bit of an anomaly. Otherwise, I could care less about Illinois and the two coasts.

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Has that changed recently? I thought there were a couple of States where Constitutional Carry only applied to residents. Though that doesn’t sound very constitutional to me.

A quick search lead me to this info:

“Idaho, North Dakota, and Wyoming limit Constitutional Carry to residents only.”

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This article is from a couple years ago so the list may be longer or shorter now.

North Dakota is the only one I ever knew of, they had that restriction, but have dropped it

But presently every “Constitutional carry” state’s laws apply to residents and non residents, don’t have to reside there to fall under the permitless carry laws


Anyone on this string or site from South Carolina? Perhaps we could get some clarity on the legalities of constitutional carry in SC.

You don’t have to be a SC resident, are there other legalities you are interested in ?

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Thanks Nathan. I checked on the USCCA state laws and reciprocity app. It indeed indicates I may now carry concealed in SC. Great news. Along with my permits I may now carry in 39 states. Who needs Washington, Oregon, California, NY, NJ, Maryland, Conn, RI, and Massachusetts. And of course, Illinois. I have little hope these states will finally recognize the second amendment.

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You can have a loaded concealed handgun in your car in Illinois, at least (15 mag limit pistol, 10 mag limit rifle, ‘AWB’, etc), but, you can have it in your car.

Check the in vehicle section of the IL page of the USCCA map for details

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Hello Nathan,

Yes, you are correct. I have to pass through that ■■■■ hole to get to most places but their laws do allow me to carry in my car. If I leave for food, gas, or potty break I lock my gun in a safe attached to the seat.