Open Carriers

So reading thru the open carry vs concealed carry thread I’m wondering.

Do you use a retention holster while open carrying?

I open carry at home and durning cold weather. It’s concealed when not at home but I use a level 1 retention holster when carrying this way.

If that was in the other thread I apologize for missing it.

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Passive retention. I carry crossdraw and my favorite holster for this is the Fobus Roto Paddle (I think they call them ‘Revolution’ now). You can adjust the cant for strongside or crossdraw. They stick out too much for concealed carry(which I don’t need), but for me place the gun perfectly, with enough distance between the butt and my body for a quick draw.


All of my holsters have some form or fashion of a rention feature whether it’s a physical lock, a strap, or a molded in lock.

Several of mine are form fit in such a way that the gun cannot be removed at all unless it is pulled in a very specific and distinct manner.

I do not believe in the minimalist holsters for carry period, open or concealed.

There is always a trade off between accessibility and retention so it’s up to everyone based on their own needs to decide which way to go.


I have several different Fobus models and like them all for different reasons.


I have this topic scheduled for tomorrow afternoon - you beat me to it, @Sheepdog556!!

Does anyone use a Serpa Holster? Thoughts on those?

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I had serpa holsters and am currently switching to safariland. To me a much better draw and better fit. Also the QLS system makes it easy to switch guns without having to unholster or change belts. It’s also going to allow me mounting options in my vehicles.


I’ve had one, never had any issues with it. Those that are properly fit never seem to fail unless the user does something careless/stupid.

I have a Fobus with a similar lock but it naturally places your finger where it will be properly indexed every time unless again, you do something careless/stupid.


I prefer the fobus paddle holster when open carrying. Next choice is alien gear.


Personally I’m not comfortable with an OC holster unless it has some form of retention - I have a couple from different manufacturers that I like (Urban Carry Revo, AlienGear ShapeShifter) that use a thumb-press type of button to release the firearm. I find them very easy to activate with a normal draw.

I have one that came with one of my firearms that, as far as I can tell, requires both hands to release the firearm because of where it is located - that one I’m never using.

I have one being made for crossdraw that uses a thumbbreak.


I’ve never done much OC as a civilian while in the military I OC’d constantly for years usually in a thigh rig or a cross chest plate carrier rig, very early on with the leather flap holster for the 1911 or Bianchi M9 holster. I am partial to the Serpa OC rig’s as that is what I have the most training with and I have flat out physically destroyed a couple 3-4. I still have a couple for when I decide to play 3-gun and they have always served me well. Oh almost forgot I have a custom leather thigh rig for my scoped .41 Blackhawk that I wear when hunting.

In looking for a new IWB holster I have found there are not many folks making thumb break rigs now and I don’t understand why or my Google Foo just sucks.




with the IWB’s it’s like no one has any idea there is more than one orientation to the ground for a human being to ever be in… Is that civilian mindset operant or is it just no one tumbles & rolls anymore?

I don’t see it as a given everyone trains to maintain manual retention by performing three-dimensional kinesthetics acclimatization.

I figure holster manufacturers are just giving people what they ask for en masse. The only option left is to speak with an honest to goodness holster crafter and see what they can build to spec.