One full year of being a USCCA member

It’s now a full year as members and 4 months as responsibly armed citizen. Well, as a licensed carrier. I’ve always been a responsible armed citizen at home.

Anyway, I’m glad USCCA is part of my everyday learning experience. Both my wife and I have learned a great deal. We are now more confident With ourselves. we love to share knowledge from your site with our friends on laws as well as safety. Man do we ever talk you guys up!

Keep up the Awesome work each & all of you do.

Stay safe,
Ray & Mary


I joined a while ago, I’m thinking a year, then upgraded coverage to Elite. I do not want to be in court and realize that for $10 more per month I could have had better protection.

I do not own any firearms. My USCCA protection is for bare hands and pocket knife.