Ohio law, carrying in a place of worship

The duty to retreat was finally removed from Ohio law. Now IMO, we need to start dumping contact emails/letters/calls onto our elected officials to have the “places of worship” removed from restrictions altogether.
I should not have to be concerned about a lack of ability to defend myself, my wife, and any other incidents due to not being allowed to carry in church because our Archbishop says no carry at our churches. That needs to be the call of the state legislature, signed into law by our goofball governor.
Please push on this one ya all.

Think about it…what if…you and your wife were at a service. Active shooter comes in shooting, you left your firearm in the car so can’t shoot back to stop them. And God forbid, your wife is fatally shot but you escape. Can you live with THAT?
I could not. We need very badly to have that possibility removed entirely.

Not sure where it’s written…separation of church and state…the state and Fed governments dictated to close churches and then to limit the number of worshippers that could be present. Not to many people were happy with that. Now you want to GIVE the state the authority to determine who can or cannot enter ??? My bet would be that all churches and religious functions would be declared gun free.

That is not what I said, and certainly not what I meant.
To be clear, what I wish is for the people of my state to demand that, unequivocally, those who are licensed to carry do not need permission from anyone to carry in our places of worship. Just because my bishop says our diocese isn’t going to allow concealed carry in the sanctuary, does not mean it is reasonable or even legally ok to have that restriction put upon me.

What really gets me about laws like this, along with the postal office restrictions, banks, etc., is, if there were an active shooter come in, anyoneI had declined to heed the sign, carried anyway, and saved untold lives, how enthusiastically would they be prosecuted for carrying in a “gun free/no carry zone”? Probably not nearly as enthusiastically as would the active shooter if they survived.
Of course I pray neither of these situations ever occurs. But they might, and when a bad guy has a gun doing bad things, it takes a good guy with a gun…
Citizens need to raise so much hell about this that our legislators can’t not do anything to fix it.

As for “GIVE” the state authority to determine, well, newsflash, they already have that authority. And they have determined. Now they need to undo their screw up and remove/modify that part of the State CCW law, as they were pushed to do with our duty to retreat in the law very recently. Also, the fact that the duty to retreat was removed is clear evidence that we could get the places of worship language changed as well. I’d be ok with them saying I could not open carry in a place of worship, but given I maintain concealment and kids don’t see, ask questions, get scared, etc., it baffles me why I’d be ok with the legal ability to defend myself being restricted in a building where I should be most safe. Recent events at churches indicate otherwise.