NYC, squatters, police arrest homeowner

It is only stolen property, it is just a house. Just call the police!

The comments are as good as the article, as people register new low in law enforcement.


I have bought, rehabbed, and sold many houses over the years and will never ever keep one to rent out. The housing court hates landlords and will always side with the tenant while the landlord loses thousand of dollars in court fees or missed rent trying to evict them. Same goes for squatters. Once they are in, prepare to spend alot of money to get them out without seeing anything back. Not to mention the repair costs for all the things they damage purposefully once they know they are being evicted through the courts/sheriffs/police.


It’s interesting that in general if you report a car jacking or stolen vegicle and the police catch the suspects in your vehicle they will at least get carted off to jail (even if the prosecutor then immediately sets them free) and what is left of the car gets immediately returned.

But if someone illegally takes over someone else’s home they get to stay there rent free, trash the place and sell off the contents for months if not years with no consequences.


And yet the same people who make the laws stacked against the landlord cry and moan when rents go sky high. Landlord has to recover his losses somehow.

Florida just passed a law protecting the homeowner and making what amounts to house theft a felony.

At least we have sane laws here. It’s why the state is getting so crowded.

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What has happened to property rights in this country. Who pays the property tax on that home? The squatters? Whoever does is the owner in addition to title and mortgage.


Now they’re murders.

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On the same day we also have video of the perpetrators coming in and out of the apartment,”

No pictures to share with the public? Thought so. What has become of NYPD…


Mark my words, we are on the verge of organized crime renaissance. Unlike police or city govt, the Godfather can provide his community with tangible and appreciated service.


not only do they get to stay in the home with mortgage/rent/taxes paid for by the owner, to make sure they are as comfortable as possible, they can call and switch over the utilities with a simple phone call to ensure the lights and heat stay on. sickening really