Distressing video shows police raid home for 'illegal gathering of six people' on NYE in Canada; two arrested, six fined $1,546 each


And people wonder why I want a much smaller government…


If you ever wondered why it takes so long for police to respond to an actual emergency…

I know this is Canada, but similar things apply in the U.S. Our PD gets screwball calls all the time, and by law & regulation they’re required to respond, even if it’s the 10th time grandma called to complain that there’s a raccoon on her porch. Every time the police have to make a run to something stupid like this, it delays their response to an actual emergency.

When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.


I hear you. But after working for both private and public sector I’ve come to realize far too many private sector developers will bend over backwards to circumvent safety property and life saving rules. Got caught in a real ethical dilemma once. Convinced me to return to the public sector. Damn if you do and damned if you don’t.

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I agree with that as well. But, at least we have the option to research companies we deal with, and try to pick the best one. Not so with gubment… Well, we can vote, but the gubment has gotten way bigger than even that in my opinion.


A sheriff’s department in North Carolina arrested the owner of a property that had like about 100 or so people having a party on NYE, citing that they were breaking Governor Roy “Pooper Scooper” Cooper’s (sorry, couldn’t help but throw in the nickname) Covid restrictions.


I have tried to get friends and family to at least consider how events that have happened in “other countries” CAN happen is the U.S. It seems to make them too uncomfortable to consider, so they either deny the possibility or they ignore what I attempt to show them. I feel I need to, at least, make them aware. Well, I get brushed off as a conspiracy nut and they go about things as if such things are not possible. Oh well, I tried.


You don’t need to worry.
America is different, and even if it did ever happen here, it wouldn’t happen to them.