NRA Renewal

I’ve recently rejoined the NRA - for anyone interested, I got a great deal. For $100, I received a 5-year membership ,my choice of 1 magazine, and a tactical backpack. I turned down the backpack, having no use for it. You can join by phone, mail, or online, and pay by check or card. FYI


Thank you for joining. While the NRA is very polarizing among gun owners currently (just see the discussion we had about putting our pettiness aside Time to put pettiness aside and join the NRA - #2 by OldGnome ), a large organization with millions of members is a powerful force for the 2A.


The home page opens with a pop up that seems to be about joining, but takes you to a page for members.

The join link in the big box that comes up on the left is a dead link.

The join link at the top is $150/5 years.

They can’t expect people to give them money if they can’t even sort out the landing page(s) on their own site…probably spent the $ on suits.

This is the same problem that Ruger has on their “not guns” site. I’ve been trying to buy a jacket from then for years. This is how they size them…and no one on the phone knows any better. This isn’t 1950…


These are recipes for companies that either steal enough already and can waste most of it, or who are trying (hard) to go out of business.

A chat with Kathy (Not HAL nor T6000) got me some info. Some hunting on my part got me here.


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