Discount NRA Memberships

As most people probably realize, many gun and accessory manufacturers include a discounted NRA Membership when you buy their products. Usually this is a card that is included in the product package, but sometimes you can just go sign up on the web. So, for example, you can go to and get an annual NRA Membership for $35. They also have discounted multi-year and life memberships. For reference, $35 is the same as NRA Membership cost back in 1995.

If you are wondering how they do this, NRA has a Recruiters program where you can be paid for every member you bring to the NRA. An NRA Certified Instructor might supplement their training income that way. But many recruiters, especially companies like holster maker Galco, use the payment to reduce the cost of the membership to the new member. Note, you don’t have to buy anything from Galco to take advantage of the offer.


I just got my life time membership to the NRA. The membership to me helps me get the range use and/or membership. I feel as though any way we the people can support pro 2-A groups it will help ourselves to have our 2-A not infringed upon. Anytime I can save a dollar is a good time too!


That is awesome!

I would love to rejoin. Last time I was a member, the fund raising phone calls turned into harassment. 5 or 6 a day. I couldn’t take it. I agree with the principles and we need a lobby. Is there anyway to opt out of the phone calls? What has been your experience with this?

Not trying to be disruptive, but I assume this doesn’t apply to USCCA memberships; a considerate agent already helped me receive a veterans discount.

It’s completely separate from USCCA membership, @William349. Thank you for your service!!

Thank you; again, not trying to be disruptive.

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I never get fundraising calls from the NRA. But you probably could call them and tell them to take you off their call list.

Nothing yet but thanks for the heads up on that.

Maybe it’s not an issue anymore. I’m ready to try again.

Thanks for raising the topic. I joined for the first time a week ago, via NRA’s website. $30, which included a free small in-kind gift back to me, which arrived in a few days, to me valued nearly the membership fee. Still too early, but I’ve not received any telemarketing nor email marketing as yet.