Can I buy a gift membership for someone?

I’m looking to buy a gift membership for a couple that is new to handguns and is considering concealed carry. Is there a way that I can buy a one year membership for them?


I’m not sure if anyone here will be able to answer this.

I’d suggest to use one of the USCCA’s “contact us” options:

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Without their consent? No

I few months back, I asked USCCA the same question, for a relative of mine. I did not follow through as my relative had some physical health concerns – and is still recovering. USCCA told me it was possible. Although, in my case, I had not planned for it as a surprise, but was including my relative, to make the process more successful. Here’s what USCCA shared:

They’d need my relative’s name, email address, phone number, and mailing address.

They’d need to add my payment method to process the payment for the level I select.

As my relative’s renewal date would approach, they would reach out to him/her by email and phone to see what he/she would like to do for the next year.

Tel. 877-677-1919
Chat via

I called the 800 # and someone in customer service told me how to do it. Supper helpful!

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