‘Not So Fast’ on Credit Card Gun Store Tracking


This is all hype and grandstanding by all involved and mostly a way to seek money by “activists” on both sides of the issue.

Americans gave up their privacy for convenience and Social Media status a LONG time ago. Every credit card company out there, every store you shop at, and many other banking and commerce entities keep a data base of EVERYTHING you buy and all services you use, including quantities and frequency. Other companies buy that info and aggregate it to construct even better pictures that they then sell to interested parties.

EVERYTHING about all of you is already out there, obtainable with just a phone call or a few clicks away. EVERYTHING…

I was given a demo from a company that does exactly that, where they showed me a list of 250,000+ people currently online in one city. I asked them to show me all the ones that were into yoga, drank Heineken and whose favorite color was green…

In about 3 seconds I got a listing of over 2,500 people, their names, pictures, email, driver license, records, and all social media links, then they asked me if I’d like to send them a mass email message. I thought about it for a second and said, “How about one word… BOO”, but then I thought better of it :rofl:


Cash is king‼️


Without urging of any lawmakers, I called Discover today. I said their gun purchase tracking policy that goes into effect in April is an invasion of privacy and is un -American, and I will quit using their card, unless they reverse their plans.


I did the same thing, didn’t like the response I got. So I went ahead and payed it off and cancelled it. the lady was trying hard to talk me out of it. I gave them the big :fu:


The next firearm I purchase I will do locally and pay cash for it. Then I’ll use my credit card to pay my bills with. Who cares if the credit card companies think I’m paying my electric, cable, mortgage, etc. with their card!

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