Discover Tracking Gun Purchases

I apologize if this has already been shared before, I didn’t see it until today. Discover announced they’re going to start tracking gun and ammo purchases, beginning in April:

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If you choose to react to this - do not close your card, as it lowers your credit score. Just stop using it.


Say it ain’t so!!!

Good thing the 4473 doesn’t share any info…:thinking:

Ironic that I have my “next house” money put away in a Discover savings account, and use their card at over $30k a year…but that house money will be buying a house in a state that will be making this tracking a criminal offense.

Don’t use Discover. Get a Capital One Cabela’s card and start earning Cabela/Bass Pro Shop points to buy a firearm or ammo.


I noticed some gun shops offer discounts, if one can afford to pay in cash or by check; Call ahead or ask. Some will even charge an additional fee if we use a credit card.

So Discover will be coding firearm sales and possibly providing them to who? My guess is the paper work from the gun shop will get to the authorities way before the credit card bill does. I’m not saying I agree with it, I’m saying “They” already know when you purchase a firearm on the commercial market.

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Yes but the gunshop form goes to state police. Has Discover worked out a deal with the ATF or FBI to track and disclose transactions?


I don’t know that they have a deal, Yet. But I imagine a subpoena probably gets them what they want and more.

You see, direct confiscation by LE is not likely. However if your insurance gets cancelled, because of your gun ownership, that is an indirect pressure measure, and an effective one. LE cannot leak their registry to corporate wokesters and preserve the appearance of legality, but the card processors are not limited by such nonsence, they can all share information, and can choose which customers to serve or not to.

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They might, or how they know is a matter of degree.

If I buy a gun from my LGS, generally the record is only kept locally at the FFL, nowhere else. It isn’t even called in to NICS due to permit status. ATF could show up and photograph or video the bound book as we have seen, or LGS could go out of business and ATF could inherent the docs, or maybe at some point LGS might go digital and the old stuff get scanned in or something, but, it’s a pretty low level of they tracking for that situation which I suspect is fairly common in this country.

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Hmmm… Looks like Bank of America is trying to get in on the action also. I hope this doesn’t start becoming a trend.

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Bank of America,” no warrant, no problem, we’re here to help!”

I guess they are not considering that there are people who firearms satisfied with what they have, and no need to buy any more. :cowboy_hat_face::cactus::sun_with_face::hugs::sunglasses::us_outlying_islands::statue_of_liberty::+1:


I have all i could ever want so I’m sure I do not need anything else nothing to see here just move along. Bobby Jean :latin_cross::us::chile::100::sparkles::sparkles::dizzy: