New SIG P365 XL

I love SIG, but personally, I don’t see the point of this pistol. What does this do that the P320 XCompact doesn’t do just a bit better? It also defeats the purpose of maximum concealment that the original P365 is all about.

What are your thoughts?

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Having purchased a first-run P365, I see your point. The longer barrel and sight picture would have been a better choice to release first, with maybe the original being sold as a downsized version for better concealability. As it is, the P320 RX seems the much better choice for capacity as well as having the Romeo red dot pre-installed. Thanks for making me put another item on my wish list…the P320 I mean.

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I’m excited for this firearm. I think it will be great to carry and will rival the new shield 4” barrel, while still having more round capacity. I have the P365 and will definitely get the XL. The thinner grip fits excellent in my hand and will be easier to conceal than the P320 x-compact. 15 rounds in a still very small firearm, I’m in.


Welcome @Craig1 and @Michael21! How have I not seen the Sig 365 XL? I’d love to do a side by side comparison with the XCarry.


Knowing myself as I do, I can sit here and type out the reasons why I don’t need a P365XL, as well as how it “doesn’t make sense”, but then I’ll handle and shoot one in person, and I’ll suddenly have a new gun while being that much poorer. That said, I love both my P320 XCompact and P365. The XCompact is in my bedside safe, while my P365 is on my hip while on a little family trip.


Check out Osage county guns, they have a lot of info on the XL and even some comparisons. They seem to have Sig information faster than most. Gun university also has good info, links posted below


I own and carry the 365 even got rid of a glock 42 and 43, In the sub compact world I believe that the 365 is king of the hill, but in the compact world there is a much stiffer competition. It’s going to take an extraordinary firearm to replace my Glock 19. And as much as Sig wants for pistol mags it’d take a small fortune to replace what I’ve accrued in glock mags.

Now if I’m new to the firearm world this could be a serious option.


@Sheepdog556 - P365 is my go-to EDC. It’s hard to beat for it’s capacity to size ratio. I do also ocassionally carry my P320 XC or G19. I shoot all 3 guns pretty well, so I have a hard decision on what to carry some days. Not a bad problem to have though. As for magazines, you are right. SIG magazines are “stupid expensive”, especially for the P365. I bought two 12-rounders that set me back just over $100. I don’t plan on buying more anytime soon.


UGH! Now I want another one!! Although, knowing they’re discontinuing my sub compact, I’ll definitely keep it.


Providing some personal experience as a new pistol owner, I have to say that the P365XL is pretty awesome.

I’ve never owned a pistol until recently. At the end of last year, my wife’s father passed, leaving me a Judge and a .44 mag short barrel revolver along with a few shotguns and a long barrel pipe-fed .22. At Christmas, my father passed down a Sig .45 P220 (crafted in Germany).

I enjoyed shooting all of the weapons I had at the time but really wanted something I could carry under my CCW Permit. I hit up a local firearm shop and dry-fired a few pistols, including the Glock 19 and a few others. However, as soon as I picked up the P365XL, I felt like it was made for my hand.

The P365XL is incredibly comfortable. I have medium to large sized hands and my pinky has just enough room with the 10 and 12 round mags for me to shoot reliably without slippage and the pistol itself is compact enough to conceal comfortably, even with the 15 round mag (a 15+1 configuration on a compact pistol - what??).

The P365XL also comes with a nice added option (among other advantages) that the P365 does not have which is a removable plate where you can add an RMR. Even without the RMR, the P365XL comes with Tritium sights, making it easy to line up irons in low-light.


  • Tritium is a radioactive hydrogen isotope (3He) but is completely safe on the gun. Just a few moments in sunlight will cause it to glow for years.

Among upgrades from the P365 and earlier releases of the P365XL comes an improved striker which came after a few earlier iterations which were “slide-striking” and breaking easily. That no longer happens with the latest iterations of the P365XL. You will hear from people complaining about the strikers breaking after less than 1000 rounds. That did happen, but on earlier versions of the P365XL. Not on the latest makes.

Overall, the P365XL is a choice carry for new and veteran pistol owners. Many folks who love the Glock 19s and others have switched to the P365XL already and others carry both. There’s tons of YouTube videos about the pistol which should be checked out by anyone who is interested.