"New" Sig P365 F_G

My new compact carry, the “new” Sig P365 F_G (Fred_G), or Full Grip.

Been wanting to try this ever since the P365 XL came out. They finally had the XL grip frames in stock. The P365 slide fits on just fine, and swapping fire control group is just one pin, takes just a minute or two.

I did have to use a flush fit 10 round mag baseplate on a 12 round P365 mag to make it work, and the baseplate needed slight modification to work. Sig should have the baseplates back in stock soon, and hopefully 12 round XL mags soon.

Anyway, since I jumped on the P365 before I knew the XL was coming out, I only had a couple of issues with the P365. With the small grip, I had trouble dropping mags because the mag was part of the grip (I carry with the 12 round one). So, this solves my issue, full size grip and easy reloads without changing my grip around.


Awesome, @Fred_G! It is nice to carry a firearm that fits your expectations.