New Purchase (holster)

Purchased a new holster for my CCW. Hoping it fits the bill. Trying to move up in readiness.
Opinions are welcomed


Looks nice. Gets cant option, so that’s mostly all is needed. However I’d like to have high adjustment in mine.


Congrats on the purchase @PlumRed! :+1:

I am actually familiar with “We The People” brand holsters directly. I found it to be an excellent made holster for the price. Quality was excellent. No sharp corners and the clip could be oriented for varying cants/ride heights. One thing I would do is purchase removable blue Loctite. Once you play around with all of the different cant/height options you will want to use the Loctite on the screws. That’s the only negative I found is the screws will back out over time. Easily fixed though. Keep us updated and let us know what you think about it once you receive it in the mail. Thanks :grinning:

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I have 3. But I need a leather holster instead for my 1911. It feels awkward in the Kydex.


In a few weeks let us know how you like it, I’m in the market for a new holster for shield +


Never owned a we the people holster but all the reviews I have seen are very good.

I’m glad you decided to purchase the Shield Plus brother. Make sure you get a good holster.


Still waiting on this one for my m&p , maybe get one for the +


Purchased a new holster for my CCW. Hoping it fits the bill.


I learned the hard way;

If you know a gun shop which happens to have one or more of the so called “Blue bins”, where they place a hodgepodge mix of items, including marked down in price holsters, unwrapped/unpackaged, even slightly used or returned holsters - check them out each time you visit. I found two great slightly scratched holsters in one visit in their bin, but at flea market price, yet excellent, whereby another one packaged on the shelf costs so much more.

A little cleaning of it at home, and it’s all yours, good as new.


What do initials IWB and OWB represent?

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Hi @David1060 , Welcome to the Community.

Short version:

IWB - Inside Waistband:

A 2021-05-16 23-14-06

OWB - Outside Waistband:

A 2021-05-16 23-13-29


I purchased an Urban Carry OWB for my new RIA 1911 FS. They have a variant that allows for an extra mag in the rig, if preferred.

Decent price, quick free shipping, and a USCCA member discount code.


I have the same exact holster brother @PossumSlayer1 :+1::+1:


I have one for the Shield also and it fits the Shield Plus also.

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Google is your friend:

IWB OWB Google search

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Happy anniversary brother @Brad and stay safe out there and god bless you.

Welcome to the family @David1060 and you are in the right place at the right time.

Just got this holster delivered today and I ordered it on EBay for $34.95 and I put it on my conceal carry belt and I don’t regret it. It is very comfortable at the appendix position and it included the wing.