New Protector Academy program, and what happened to my e learning?

So i woke up this morning (15 Oct) to find that a major change has happened to the USCCA web site. I had just purchased last week some e learning videos IE: Womens Handgun and Self defense, Countering the Mass Shooter and the DSF 1 and 2 packages, plus i had all ready finished the Emergency First Aid Fundamentals and the CC and HD Fundamentals classes. I am wondering where i can find them now?. Do i need to finish the protector academy qualifications to access these again. I paid close to 500$ for these e learning packages. I tried to look them up in the e-learning menu but i keep getting rerouted to the protector academy.

I wish we would have been given a early notice about this major change.


Same here. Major changes just dumped on the end users are not really a good idea.

I can’t find what I’ve done either.


@Dawn - can you help us understand what happened and how these folks can recover what they had?


Sorry for the bump in the transition. You’re e-learning is still there! :slight_smile: With the change over that link behind the scenes may have changed and the connection was lost.

Let me get you the details!

In the meantime as that is resolved, be sure to check out the new Protector Academy and all of the great training in there!


Update: It’s fixed!!!

@FRANCOIS :smiley:

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For eLearning you’ve purchased in the past, click eLearning Purchases :smiley:

Please tag me if you find any other issues.


Thank You Dawn for the fast response and resolving of the Issue. I have been able to access and complete some of my e learning objectives tonight.


So glad to hear it @FRANCOIS! Sorry for any confusion during our website switch. :slight_smile:

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I noticed that the icon had changed from black & white to black & gold. I had also noticed the change in the background for the article I read. I didn’t realize there was a site overhaul. Usually the members get a notification the work was being done.

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@Dawn I had started the New Protector Academy program this morning and when I went to start back it takes me to a page to join the USCCA. I took care of that 5+ years ago. If you can help me get back to the program I would greatly appreciate it. I was just getting to the good stuff.

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I have same question @FRANCOIS.

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Hi @preacher81 - are you logged in? If you logged out it will take you back to the join page. There have a been a few hiccups on login information crossing pages, you may have to log in again (upper right hand corner of the screen) to get back to the right page.

Were you able to get back in?


We’re doing a soft launch with this because of how significant some of the back end changes were (in a VERY good way). :slight_smile:

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@Dawn I got back in this morning but it froze up on me a couple times trying to get back to where I was. Thanks for your help!

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