New Holster (R. Grizzle)

Picked up a very lightly used R. Grizzle leather OWB holster. I am really impressed with this holster. The boning, or molding (not sure the term) is impressive. It almost ‘clicks’ into the holster. And is very comfortable. I love leather!

Anyway, they are not cheap, but if you want a good quality leather holster, check them out. OWB Leather Holsters - R Grizzle Leather - R Grizzle Leather Very nice job protecting the crown as well.


Brother @Fred_G that is a sharp looking holster, it really looks good and I will check out the link.

Looks really awesome @Fred_G !

How does the double snap work with your belt?

Edit: I guess I am just slow, it took this photo to explain it for me:



I love my leather JM4 Tactical holster! I didn’t think I would like the leather holsters as much as I do! I’m going to check out the Grizzle Leather too!

(This is not a USCCA endorsement of any product, it’s a holster Dawn likes :smiley: )



You got the idea. I really like it, it stays in place well, and can be removed without taking my belt off. So far, no issues with the snaps coming loose with this holster or the one I use for my 1911’s.

I have to say, after wearing it all day, very comfortable.


Which model do you have?

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