1911 Holster Options

I can decide if I want a belt or paddle leather holster. I have not used either before .
Any thoughts from 1911 owners would be greatly appreciated.:sunglasses:

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I found paddle not practical. It also wears out pants’ material.
I thought at beginning that paddle may be easier to use… but it didn’t really take more time to mount belt holster.
Belt version has also advantage being closer to the body.

Whatever you choose, be sure the top is strengthened and doesn’t collapse when you draw the gun… (I did this mistake with my first leather holster :man_facepalming:)


You looking for leather, Kydex or hybrid?
I’m still on the fence. But for now an IWB kydex will do until I figure it out. Of course I don’t have any guns yet since I’m waiting to see what remains legal in the future.



I use Tier 1 for my Glocks, a Mitch Rosen for the Ruger LCR, and a UC Lock Leather for the P365 SAS XL which is very comfortable, has adjustable tension.

For my 1911 I really don’t want it to get scratched up from Kydex which I have noticed with other pistols. Leather so is comfortable but since it weighs 40oz I’m sure a belt holster would be the best option since I already have 2 sturdy gun belts that will support my drop leg holster, IWB and 2 mag carriers.

Absolutely! That brings up the question of having an open holster vs strapped/ snap over design.

Open leather works great for me. I would have to bounce on my head for it to fall out, but it is easy to draw. I have been using a TT Gunleather snap on holster, waiting for my Milt Sparks Axiom to show up. I have several pancake style leather holsters, all hold the gun securely.

I would want a strap on my holster if were riding a bike. Good luck finding one that works for you, I went through several before finding some that work well for me. Make sure you have a good belt too.

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If you want it for self defense - open.

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You didnt give us much to go on, such as actual use, etc. But in general, I think you will be happiest with a good belt holster. Not sure the use, so I cant comment on retention, but a lot of that also can depend on what holster you get as well.

I have been happy with both of these:

Concealable Belt Holster (galcogunleather.com)

V-Hawk IWB Holster (galcogunleather.com)

Carry concealed, all my clothes are already a size too big so I’m not worried about printing, my G30SF w/G21 magazine doesn’t print so I doubt the 1911 would

I really like Galco, I also have one for my P365 SAS XL.
Plus USCCA Members get a discount from them😎

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I have had great luck with an alien gear cloak tuck 3.5 for my Dan Wesson Valkyrie. Sorry I am at work and my desk is messy. Get a good belt. I wear a Hank’s belts steel core.

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I picked up a Wilson Lo Profile recommended by Enzo and I have to say it is extremely comfortable and conceals very well being an OWB. I wear it on a Hanks gun belt.
Getting a proper gun belt is equally as important as selecting a holster.
I hope this helps!


Check out 1791 Gunleather. They make good holsters, for good prices. They have some really nice ones specifically for 1911’s.

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I really like the Milt sparks summer special 2. It’s open top iwb reinforced leather with a sweat sheild. I forget I’m wearing it. I have been known to catch an afternoon nap with a commander 1911 :blush:.

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Which Hank gun belt did you get and why?

The Gunner, 1.5" in black. As tough as it is affordable.
Many other companies offer specified gun belts of course
but I’m happy with Hanks.
Happy enough to order a brown one as well.


You will probably end up with a collection of holsters just like the rest of us have. :rofl: :upside_down_face: :crazy_face:


I already do :rofl: