Leather Vs Kydex


Ronin Leather

Tenicor Certum3 -This is the most versatile holster; it fits all my commander 1911, both my Staccato p and C2

Lasconcealment ShoGun-Not Shown

Proteq Kybrid hoster ( Kydex and horse hide backing)

Draw from Concealment:

Leather and Kydex time is 1.3 -1.4-ish. live-fire- tie

The Key I found is I can closely tune my Kydex retention to the same feel as my leather ( I hope I am making sense).

The firearm tested was my Staccato C2 and Tenicore and Ronin Leather Holster ( the most carried out my rotation.)


  1. It fits the firearm close to perfectly out of the box.
  2. You can adjust retention.
  3. Hardshell around the gun and is immune to all weather conditions
  4. You can Modify the holster -Meaning you can drill holes for clips or wings or add different hardware


  1. A firearm needs to be fitted to the leather to have proper retention.
  2. Proper care is required ( Maintenance)
  3. Do not wear the finish off your firearm ( I Practice drawing close to every day, and I shoot at least two times a week. I can tell you I will never put my Nighthawk in a Kydex holster.

My overall feeling

I like leather better than Kydex. One more note -I have rolled around with a simulated threat in training class, and that person could not pull my pistol out of my leather or my Kydex holster due to the angle on how you draw the pistol “AIWB.”


I’ve used many of both and several in betweens and several “other” over my years.

My answer is kydex. All kydex. The reason, consistency.

Set the retention and that’s what it is. It stays, it doesn’t loosen with time (use thread locker), doesn’t change with conditions (heat/cold/humidity), doesn’t change with belt tension, doesn’t even change when not on a belt at all.

Also possibly relevant, my handguns are practical tools exclusively. I don’t own a handgun unless I might (and have, do, or will) carry them. Scratches or general wear are a complete non-issue to me.


My today’s answer is kydex as well.
@Nathan57 explained this very well.

I personally started with leather, thinking about handgun’s finish… but leather didn’t worked as expected. Series of awkward circumstances and single mistake during one of practice sessions changed my thinking.
So today - leather holsters for nice looking 1911 pistols and kydex for EDC and all “duty” handguns.

BTW → I don’t see single scratch nor general wear on my handguns caused by kydex holsters. :slightly_smiling_face: It might be linked to holsters’ quality. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Sexy looking collection there, no pun intended.


What kind of holster is that upper right side with leather backing? I need to give that a try looks like it prevents any pinching on the skin.


Thank you, I want to give it a try.
I dont see them on Amazon only on the link you provided. They are a little pricey but looks worth it. Most comfortable for me is a belly band but IWB is quicker for me. Comfort vs speed but that hybrid looks like best of both worlds.


Here’s a cheaper option


Those are a win!! 1/3 the price and can be customize!! I love it thank you.


You may want to look at Vedder also


I have been using ProTeq for a little over two years- for my CZ75BD and a few others before I switched to full leather- One of the best holsters I ever owned and still own. The one in the 1st picture above is the new model

This is the 1st one I owed - it is two years old


Well worth it!!


Pretty much how I feel. I have a few competition firearms, couple of “safe queens”. It’s to expensive a habit to collect firearms for me.


My personal opinion is I agree with you. I tried both and leather is just more comfortable. Kydex also wears the finish more than leather. I understand why there’s a huge kydex following. It has many benefits but it all comes down to what each individual prefers. I guess I’m a little old school I’d probably fly fish with bamboo instead of graphite if I had the opportunity!


I will never use a plastic and yes kydex is a fancy term for plastic again after the one I was using broke and I almost dropped my gun onto concrete


Quality. Nothing else than quality. :no_mouth:

To all unhappy / unsuccessful kydex users:

  1. please be sure your product is made from kydex :wink:
  2. if your holster is going to be used at the spot that makes it flexing all the time… kydex is not a proper material for such holster. Consider boltaron as a holster’s material.

Remember to use proper product for the application.


Real handguns are made of steel, with walnut grips and live in leather holsters. Toys are made of plastic and live in plastic holsters….:blush:
Seriously, though nothing beats the feel, fit and comfort of a leather holster-a GOOD leather holster. ( there is a lot of cheap junk leather out there as well). Kydex (again, Decent kydex) will retain a piece very securely. I hate ‘em, but they do work, are affordable and usually readily available. My Son loves them. Leather on the other hand is usually handmade, relatively expensive and takes a few weeks to get. Find what works for you, fits your budget and your needs. Everybody’s different so what works for one will not necessarily work for someone else. The reason most of us long time handgunners have a box full of holsters we don’t use😳


I am giving you a Amen!


I have several of both, I prefer the look, feel and smell of leather. :slightly_smiling_face:

“Real handguns are made of steel, with walnut grips and live in leather holsters”. :+1: