Holsters for ccw

I’ve been shooting for 70 yrs. Now I carry and would like feedback on holsters for the traditional .45 style 1911. It is too big for concealed carry so I often use 380 or 22 Mag. (5 shot)
Any thoughts???



If looking for leather, I would not hesitate to recommend Andrews Leather in Florida.

I have had two holster systems made by them, and the quality and durability are fantastic.

One is a Monarch shoulder holster, and the second is a belt carry holster with thumb strap. He usually makes them for 1911 to be carried with hammer cocked and thumb safety engaged.

Lovely pieces, and no complaints.

Good luck with your search!

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Good luck on your search!



Oops! Here’s the link:



OMG That’s gorgeous! I looked at their site - they have amazing items!


I use a bastard rig. I OWB carry a Glock 19 or Sig365. I use a Vedder paddle holster and redrilled some holes(they dont line up and I adjusted the cant to my liking) and use a blackhawk CQC paddle. With an untucked shirt the gun disappears. The paddle grips the pants so even worse case scenario you’ll draw your firearm. it holds the gun close enough to conceal but leaves enough room to get a good grip. As thin as a 1911 is I’d bet this set up will hide a full size 1911


Holy Cow that’s freaking AMAZING! :heart_eyes:
My hubby’s going to have to give me one of his 1911s so I have a reason to buy one of the stingray ones. Think I might have to open carry it though… covering up those… can’t see how I’d make myself do it.

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OK, thanks

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My 1911 I use a blackhawk serpa with paddle for OWB. I rarely carry my 1911, did for awhile but I much prefer my 9mm P95 or my G2C


They may not be pretty like some of the custom leather holsters mentioned, but I am a big fan of Alien Gear holsters. They are very comfortable, and they can be configured for nearly any handgun out there including 1911s. They also come in right or left hand versions. For practicality and all-day comfort, I haven’t found a better holster than Alien Gear.


I carry a Commander 1911 almost daily in a holster made by Jason Winnie. His non exotic holsters are a very good deal for the $ (in my opinion). I have tried a lot of holsters, some were amazing looking, but I keep going back to the J111 style Jason makes.


Hope I am not reviving a dead thread…

I agree Nathan. I’ve been through 4 different holsters before settling on Alien Gear. Love their stuff as it’s very comfortable and easy to draw. Retention is good as well.


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Alien Gear IWB for all my carry guns

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