New Hampshire

Any live free or die Granite Staters here.

Let’s talk about our great state and our freedom to carry.


Yep. Maine and NH are still free, for now. I fear that Vermont is on the road to Putinville policies but is still mostly free. Wish we could retire the whole batch of our DC leaches though.


I’m in Manie. use to live in NH

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@Ethan27 Welcome to our community, we are glad to have you with us. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello and welcome @Ethan27

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Yes Maine and NH are great places to live plus they both take the Second Amendment seriously.

Vermont as become an odd duck state. Still constitutional carry, they don’t even issue licenses! But 12 round mag limits and some other goofy things.

An added benefit of living where I do is Sig Experience and academy is 25 minute for my house :sunglasses:


I feel bad for you free guys up there just because the People’s Republic of New York keeps you from being able to road trip the rest of the lower 48 while armed. It should be illegal for them to do that (well, actually it is, but the Constitution never stopped the PRNY).

Anyway, I’ve always loved NH, VT and ME. Beautiful states.


Have to make sure the are unloaded, locked up and stored away. Always glad to hit PA line.

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Don’t forget. We’re landlocked up here in VT, ME and New Hampsha by NY and Taxachusetts. Ethan27 might want to consider coming back to this side of the ME/NH border. I understand that the Maine legislature just approved “sweeping gun reforms”. I have a feeling they’re not 2A friendly…